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Gaining Campaign Relevance and Reach

23 September 2020

Are you looking to gain gaining campaign relevance and reach? As mobile’s continue to develop we are inundated with information at our fingertips, by simply clicking on a website link your phone will send you targetted ads via all your social media platforms. They could appear on your feed, in-video ads or even on stories. The amount of placement options for ads is ever-increasing which is widening the potential reach for new audiences.
The placement has such a profound impact on the effectiveness of your ad, whether it takes up the entire screen if you can skip it or if it just appears in the corner. Placement specific optimizations can notably improve your campaign performance. Studies by Facebook found that ads with the aspect radio optimized for the placement had a 90% increase in the likelihood of being more effective at driving ad recall and conversions when compared to non-optimized ads.
As the reach improves it can be at the cost of relevance. In this blog, we are going to be talking about striking the balance between the two and getting the best placement for your ads.

Gaining Campaign Relevance

There are two main ways one can advertise on social media to gain both reach and relevance; Automatic placement and placement asset customization. 
Automatic placement (AP) is the quickest way of doing things according to Facebook this means “your ads will automatically be shown to your audience in the places they are likely to perform best” Facebook does all the hard work for you. On the other hand Placement asset customization means you are able to create an ad using asset customisation and you yourself select the placement in which your ad will perform.
In order to best describe how advertisers have best executed this concept we are going to be looking at some examples from brands in the United States, Japan, UK, Brazil and Mexico created in partnership with Facebook’s creative shop.

Hot chocolate design

Hot chocolate design is a funky shoe accessory brand based in the UK. They created a short video ad featuring different shoes walking the streets, this 20-second video clip allowed for a 28% lower cost per ad recall lift compared to non-optimized ads as well as a 25% lower cost per action intent lift compared to non-optimized ads.


Mechakari a Japanese fashion brand sparked controversy by using text overlays on their stories, something that has mixed performance results. However, the results from utilising a selection of placements meant that it reached people across japan resulting in a 12% lower cost per ad recall when compared to non-optimized ads. It also achieved a 64% lower cost per familiarity lift when compared to non-optimized ads. 


Boxraw wanted to gain audiences in Germany, France and the UK, they did this by creating optimized video ads featuring boxing equipment they stock along with a sleek call to action. This ad saw massive interaction resulting in a 48% lower cost per familiarity lift as well as a 32% lower cost per action intent lift compared to non-optimized ads. 

So, what does this mean?

Ultimately placement specific optimizations have a profound impact on how well your ad will perform. By catering each ad to a specific audience you can boost your ad campaigns performance. Both automatic placements and placement asset customization allows advertisers to create targetted ads placed it the right way.
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