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My English School

06 February 2020

Acquiring quality leads with educational Facebook video ads

My English School managed to win twice as many leads compared to previous campaigns by using engaging educational Facebook and Instagram video ads to targeted audiences during the peak season for student enquiries.

Learning English with confidence

Using a modern approach to teaching and learning, My English Scool launched in 2011 teaching English as a foreign language. Students can learn in one of 33 branches across Italy, where grammar-based teaching is combined with intensive conversation sessions in small groups. Their goal was simple, build on previous Facebook awareness campaigns to generate quality leads from people who were interested in learning English and who were most likely to sign up to a course. As a secondary objective, it wanted to convert leads into student registrations.

Homing in on segmented audiences

Working with international digital agency Rich Clicks to generate leads in September 2019: the peak period for education enquiries. The first step was to create assets for both Facebook and Instagram ads, these included images tailored to a variety of audiences with a mixture of mobile-friendly videos that covered the teaching method practised at My English School. Along with pricing and student testimonials. They then turned their attention to campaign strategy.
With a “full-funnel” approach to generating leads that show the full teaching experience. The first goal was to reach and educate a wide yet relevant audience, and then encourage people to take action as a result of seeing the ads. In order to achieve this, they ran three major campaigns. Each had a different objective: video views, lead generation and conversions. Using interest and demographic targeting, they created audiences according to age, interests and motivations for learning English (such as business or travel), as well as creating lookalike audiences.
The three campaigns targeted different audiences:

    • Video ads: targeted to everyone within a 10km radius of My English School’s branches in Italy


    • Lead ads: targeted to travellers, people interested in travel, professionals


    • Conversions: targeted to teens aged 13–19, people aged 55–65 with an interest in languages, lookalike audiences based on recent website visitors

People who had previously visited the website also saw ads that encouraged them to return to the website to complete their registration. My English School also ensured that the campaign spending was used as effectively as possible by selecting the ThruPlay billing and optimisation option for video views. It also chose reach and frequency buying to reach its audience in a predictable way, at a controlled frequency.

Best-ever performance

My English School’s carefully targeted September 2019 video ads campaign earned almost 4,000 quality leads in a month, at less than half the cost of previous campaigns:

    • 2X as many leads compared to the previous year


    • 8.5% of leads converted to student registrations


    • 58% decrease in cost per lead, compared to the previous year

This blog was originally taken from Facebook.