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14 February 2020
By optimising Facebook Attribution Gucci managed to learn more about its customers’ purchase path. Discovering that Facebook’s and Instagram’s contribution to online sales was 14X more than originally understood.

In style

Originally founded in 1921 Gucci is now part of the Kering Group, now one of the world’s most respected fashion houses. Under creative director Alessandro Michele, its vision is eclectic, contemporary, romantic, and its products represent the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and quality.

Getting a more complete picture

Gucci knew that traditional attribution tools—like last-click attribution and cookie-based measurement—undervalued Facebook and Instagram. It wanted to gain insight into every step of the customer journey so that it could better optimise its ad buying.

Flipping the switch

Given its strong focus on return on ad spend, Gucci wanted a measurement solution that could account for conversion journeys across devices and also measure ad influence beyond last-click. Facebook Attribution offers the ability to connect conversions to media touchpoints across channels, devices and browsers to accurately measure the effectiveness of display advertising.
Working with its media agency iProspect, Gucci implemented Facebook Attribution in the US to measure and track a variety of key performance indicators, such as the return on ad spend for its loyalty campaigns and retargeting.
Over a four-month period, Facebook Attribution helped Gucci easily measure the effectiveness of its ads on Facebook and Instagram, giving it a clear view of its best-performing channels. This subsequently allowed the brand to tailor its campaigns to its customers’ behaviour and provide a strong experience for people who saw the ads.

The perfect fit

Gucci’s adoption of Facebook Attribution gave it important insights into its customers’ path to purchase, allowing it to tweak and refine its media strategy. Running from July 1–October 31, 2019, the campaign showed the true value of Gucci’s efforts on Facebook and Instagram:

  • 14X higher attributed revenue from Gucci US online purchases came from Facebook (when measured by Facebook Attribution versus last-click)

  • 14X higher return on ad spend on average from retargeting and loyalty online campaigns (when measured by Facebook Attribution versus last-click)

  • 9X higher return on ad spend discovered for Gucci US online purchases when using first-touch attribution measurement (versus last-click)

This blog was originally taken from Facebook