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Boosting in-store visits and sales with Facebook Instant Experience

03 February 2020

Lidl utilized Facebook Instant Experience to create digitally printed leaflets, resulting in a 10X return on ad spend and a 2.3% increase in overall turnover at trial stores in Ireland. 

Big business, small prices

Lidl is notorious for its affordable prices since the opening of its very first supermarketing in 1973 Germany, it now operates 10,000 outlets across Europe and the United States. Lidl Ireland opened its first supermarket in 2000, and there are now more than 160 stores in the country. Lidl Ireland spends a lot of its marketing budget on printing and distributing promotional catalogues and leaflets.

Driving foot traffic and in-store sales

Lidl Ireland uses printed leaflets and flyers to publicise many of its offers or weekly specials. The company wanted to know if Facebook Instant Experience could replicate the feeling of reading a brochure. It also wanted to explore how effectively the ad format would drive store visits and sales.
Working alongside Facebook Creative Shop Lidl created a digital version of the leaflet with Facebook Instant Experience. 
Facebook Instant Experience is an immersive full-screen ad that is optimised for mobile and designed to capture the complete attention of an audience. Within an Instant Experience, people can watch videos and photos, swipe through carousels, tilt to pan and explore lifestyle images with tagged products—all in a single ad.
Lidl Ireland and Facebook Creative Shop made several versions of the Lidl leaflet that replicated the print version in an interactive and user-friendly way.
The results of the campaign were measured using a Match Market Test. This compared in-store sales in areas reached by ads that used Instant Experience against similar Lidl stores that didn’t use this advertising.

Lidl hits big

Lidl Ireland’s Facebook campaign proved that digital catalogues can have a significant impact on in-store sales and visits. Between September 30–November 3, 2019, the campaign increased sales and total turnover in targeted areas. It also achieved:

    • 10X return on ad spend


    • 2.3% increase in overall turnover at trial stores


    • 2.7% increase in the number of customers buying items promoted with Instant Experience


    • 1.9% increase in turnover from promoted items

This blog post was originally taken from Facebook.