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Increasing brand awareness with TROPICO

18 July 2020
The french fruit-based soft drink brand TROPICO wanted to create a buzz around its juices so used Instagram stories resulting in a 50%  in top-of-mind awareness by adding it to its placement mix.
“We’ve been really pleased with the Tropico campaign results. The brand lift test showed us the great benefits of adding Instagram Stories in addition to the Instagram feed assets: it successfully lowered our cost per mille and helped us achieve higher brand impact among our young target market in France.”


The impact of Stories

Tropico wanted to assess how adding Stories to its Instagram placements mix would impact brand awareness.
Tropico created their campaign around the theme of "True Colors", with colourful eye-catching ads designed to appeal to a younger audience. The tagline urged viewers to reveal their true colours and their authentic personalities.
To test the effects of adding Stories to the placements mix on Instagram, Tropico decided to run its campaign in a split test. The first cell ran 100% in Instagram feed, the second had a 60-40 split for Stories and feed.
The campaign ran from June 14–July 28, 2019, and the test results revealed the following results:

  • 20% lower cost per mille for feed plus Stories, compared to feed alone

  • A 12-point increase in ad recall among key audience aged 15–17 when using feed plus Stories

  • 50% increase in top-of-mind awareness when Stories added to placement mix

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[This blog was originally taken from Instagram.]