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Using Online Ads To Boost Sales For Nail Brand Gelato Factory

09 April 2020
Gelato Factory is a self- nail art brand which offers trendy nail sticker designs. They decided to utilised online platforms such as Instagram increasing sales and expanding into the Japanese market. Resulting in return on ad spend.
In Japan, social media is used to promote a brands message to the masses. By collaboration with online creators and brands are able to advertise their message and boost both brand awareness and conversation rates. Branded content ads are highly effective therefore Gelato Factory decided to use this to optimize its ad campaigns and as a result lower its costs.

The goal 

The goal was to expand into the Japanese market using localised ad content and therefore improve the brand's credibility by collaborating with local and influential content creators who have a huge following of potential customers.

Working with social media influencers  

Gelato Factory decided on products they were going to focus on during this online campaign, creating online photo and video ads. Creators would then post this content to their following allowing them to reach a whole new demographic of people. Gelato Factory had previously found localising content for new markets could be tricky. However, by utilising branded content ads in partnership with local creators, it was able to successfully reach a local audience.
This resulted in Gelato factors accurately capturing and analysing the results of the campaign with Facebook's marketing science team resulting in the following:

Social media success

The branded content ads gave tangible results, showing that Instagram is indeed an effective cross- border tool to reach people. This campaign ran from December 23, 2019–January 6, 2020, and resulted in:

  • 20% increase in return on ad spend

  • 29% decrease in cost per purchase

  • 27% decrease in cost per person reached

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