Boosing CHEFF's Social Media with Gather Social

16 April 2020
Managing Director of CHEFF, Adam Sinnott visited Gather Social for a strategic social media workshop, the week before COVID -19 really started to take hold. Concerned for the survival of his business we offered to step in and help him out in boosting his Social Media and getting results.
Adam provided the team with some very healthy lunch, giving us the perfect opportunity to document imagery. These images were turned into over 300 branded posts for all social media channels. Most importantly this resulted in 50 Facebook adverts were built utilising a tiny budget. The stats, therefore, have been sensational, with the key highlights outlined below:

The results

  • Total traffic to the website grew by 256%, with new users up by 266%

  • Social media traffic grew by 780% with Facebook growing by 1000% & Instagram by 273%.

  • Direct Traffic grew by 295%

  • Organic Traffic grew by 33%

How did we do it?

The data within Google Analytics showed significant traffic was generated from Linkedin and Instagram stories. These Channels had previously generated no traffic prior to our Platform delivering CHEFF’s marketing messages. 
From what was initially a favour, we have again obtained further proof content marketing can increase organic search results. The work transformed into a revenue generation stream for CHEFF, with Adam stating he was receiving orders with days of the content going live. 
Until we are in a position to reopen our offices fully, we are offering business the opportunity to take advantage of a virtual strategy session. We will discuss your content, your strategy or lack of one. We will explore high-level theory and discuss how easy it would be for you to transform your social media into meaning data and ultimately enquiries. You can make an enquiry via our contact form or read more about the virtual strategy call here.
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