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Delivering new customers with Glovo

18 September 2020
Glovo wanted to boost app downloads with help from Facebook resulting in a 6.6% lift in incremental orders. Glovo is a delivery app which features a courier service that purchases, pickups and deliverers items, founded in Barcelona by Sacha Michaud and Oscar Pierre in 2015 the in-demand app deliveries a variety of products including their most popular food. 

Boost app downloads

Operating in more than 650 cities in 22 countries Glovo is a household name, the company wanted to test out Facebook mobile app ads to see its effect on app installs and sales.
Glovo created an app install objective for its ads linking straight to app download stores with each ad featuring a dynamic image along with some of the top restaurants in each city that they work with. This grabbed customers attention fast. Consumers attracted to the speed and ease that comes with ordering on the Glovo app. 
Glovo created targetted ads towards people 18 years and up in countries such as Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Romania Ukraine and Argentina. The other ads were targeted to Facebook Custom Audiences dependent on customers who have previously interacted with the website, app or ads. 
The campaign used automatic placements on Facebook and Instagram to generate optimum results at the lowest average cost.

Message delivered

Glovo’s campaign drove significant interest in its mobile app and demonstrated that Facebook ads provide incremental value. Running from May 12–June 3, 2020, the campaign achieved:

  • 73% increase in installs

  • 6.6% lift in orders

  • $48,000 lift in incremental sales

  • A staggering 4.4X return on ad spend

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