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Atlético de Madrid WhatsApp Sucess

03 December 2019
Winning over the football fanbase with WhatsApp business API
By taking advantage of WhatsApp business API this Spanish football club was able to provide customer service outside of usual business hours with an in-app powered virtual assistant. 
Atlético de Madrid is a professional Spanish football club based in the capital of Spain, Madrid. Playing in the La Liga, the professional Spanish men’s football league. Founded in 1903, it is one of Spain’s oldest football clubs.

Goal experience 

As part of a broader shift to provide a superior digital experience, Atlético de Madrid wanted to provide multilingual customer service via a platform that was easily accessible and available at all times.
As many people in Madrid had the app installed on their phones and were already using it to talk to one another, Atlético de Madrid decided to use it as a communications platform. The football club created a classified index of every customer query it had received from various sources such as social media, email, telephone and stadium office. With this information, it then designed a WhatsApp-powered virtual assistant that could serve customers in both English and Spanish.
Launched in August 2019 to coincide with the start of the football season, the WhatsApp run-virtual assistant serves as an information hub where people can find out more about memberships, players, matches, seasons and tickets. It can respond to queries and interact with people using emoticons, videos, photos, and so on. 
The 24/7 access to the app allowed thousands of fans to get instant assistance to any queries via WhatsApp outside of regular business hours. Since the launch, Atlético de Madrid continues to improve its digital experience and plans to launch an analytical service for the WhatsApp virtual assistant to detect and predict new areas of customer interest.

The scorecard 

With the WhatsApp-powered virtual assistant, the football club was able to quickly reach thousands of customers. After launching in August 2019, Atlético de Madrid earned the following results:

  • 36% of traffic from customer conversations was redirected to the sales platform

  • 35% of customer interactions could be handled outside of business hours

  • 46,000 messages sent in response to fan queries within first two months

This blog was originally from Facebook.