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07 December 2019

Bubblefish is a Spanish lead generation agency that managed to gain 11,900 completed enquiry forms by running a Facebook lead ad campaign to find and engage high-intent potential car rental customers.

Fishing for leads

Founded in Madrid in 2013, digital marketing agency Bubblefish specialises in lead generation and sales performance. With a particular interest in expertise in the automotive sector—it has even partnered with a fleet company to offer car rentals through its Rentingcarfá website. Bubblefish wanted to increase quality sales leads for Rentingcarfá The aim was to motivate prospective car renters to complete an enquiry form.

Showing lead ads to multiple audiences

Working alongside technology partner Adbibo, which specialises in paid media optimisation, to reach potential renters and generate leads in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible. Therefore the natural choice for this particular campaign would be Facebook’s lead ads due to the fact that they make the enquiry process quick and easy for people who are interested in knowing more about a product.
Firstly, the team created a series of ads featuring images and information about popular car models on offer. When people clicked the “More Information” call-to-action button in the ads, a form instantly opened that made it quick and easy to submit details and request a callback.
Rentingcarfá’s typical customers are individuals, companies and freelancers. The campaign initially focused on this broad customer profile across Spain before optimising ads towards people in priority locations like Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona later in the campaign. Bubblefish also showed ads to a Custom Audience of people who had visited the website or rented from Rentingcarfá previously, as well as a lookalike audience based on people with similar demographics and behavioural characteristics as the Website Custom Audience. It then used Facebook’s exclusion feature to avoid overlaps in the audience.
People saw the ads across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network placements, which were selected for this campaign to ensure better ad-buying efficiency. The campaign budget was also optimised, meaning that Facebook automatically allocated budget to the highest-performing ad sets.

Changing up a gear

Bubblefish’s May–December 2018 campaign accelerated leads for Rentingcarfá and ultimately led to more sales:

    • 11,900 leads generated


    • 26% decrease in cost per lead


    • 4% of leads converted to sales

This blog was originally taken from Facebook.