Social Success Webinar

16 April 2020
How important is social media today, next week, next month & next year for your business? 
At Gather Social, we work with businesses of all sizes. The one common theme we have seen across our client portfolio is the craziness of analytics.
That's why on Thursday 30th April 2020, 11:00 – 12:00 BST we will be hosting a webinar. During this 1 hour period, we will examine some real-time data which supports the changing nature of the world amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Analysing both internal and external data, we will discuss the power of social media and why it should be your go-to marketing vehicle, during and post-pandemic. 
Topics to be covered during the webinar:

  • Global communication data

  • Growth in social media usage

  • Changes in content consumption

  • The importance of building your brand

  • Underpriced attention

  • Data collection and reduction in advertising costs

  • The opportunity

After discussing these topics the webinar will summarise what we have learned about human communication, and what trends may be here to stay you will be free to ask any questions you like.
Look forward to seeing you on the webinar! You can book your FREE ticket here. Check out our website and book your very own FREE social media workshop.
Take your marketing strategy to the next level.