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Social Media Marketing Online Workshop

25 March 2020
As with many companies, the last few weeks have been testing times at Gather Social. We have spent the last couple of weeks providing ongoing support to our many clients as they face up to this crisis. That's why we have decided to offer social media marketing online workshop.

What are we doing?

We want to provide our community and contacts some real value during this time. I would like to invite you to take up the opportunity to get the grey matter going and think about your marketing strategy.
"I cannot thank Sam, Jules and the team enough for possibly saving my business during these crazy times. I went to a free workshop with very little knowledge of how to do digital marketing. They showed me lots of useful and practical ways of doing things myself and also put a plan together for me with little input from myself as I wasn't sure of what would work best. They have guided me all the way through and has brought massive exposure to my company which has transformed into noticeable greater sales in a time when things are so uncertain. I can not recommend a company any more than these guys. Not only all this but they are genuinely kind and caring people that will go the extra mile for people and if you go on the right day you may get some free curry ❤"  - Adam Sinnot M.D of CHEFF

While the world works from home, brands and advertisers must navigate the reality that online is the only option. In a crisis, there is an opportunity. 
During this uncertain period, we want to make the most of the time and offer FREE online social media workshops on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp or another platform of your choice.

What do you want from social media?

Are looking to utilise social media to audiences but don’t know where to start? Maybe you are thinking of revamping your social platforms? After submitting an enquiry we will set up a quick call to understand your needs, before progressing to the video sessions. Topic suggestions are listed below:

  1. Content Audit – let’s review your content. have and give you some production number to strive for. 

  2. Data collection, Reporting and Mapping 

  3. Creative Brainstorm – Breaking Creative Block

  4. Competitor Review 

  5. Strategic Direction 

  6. Linkedin Approach techniques 

  7. A joined-up team approach

  8. Events

  9. Understanding the numbers – Mapping out your customer audience. 

  10. New staff training 

  11. Facebook audience build and examples 

  12. Easy ways to produce content

To take advantage of the offer of a FREE bespoke workshop please complete our contact form or simply drop us a message on social media. Check out our socials for more Gather content.