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Social Media Marketing Workshop

05 November 2019

We ran a workshop for marketing professionals and we have been inundated with requests for support and training. We quickly realised that there is no such thing as a one size fits all workshop or training.
If you are wanting to target candidates using social media but don’t know where to start look no further. We are delighted to invite you to customise your own half-day workshop FREE of charge from the 12 categories below. If you need help and support on any additional topics please let us know and we will build a training module around your specific need.
Below is a list of options you can choose from to bespoke your own training needs. Don't worry if it all seems a little daunting, we are more than happy to bespoke something for you if you are unsure. 

    1. Content Audit - let's review your content. Examine what's working well, and start to look at how you can expand this content style to engage more customers. We will review how much content you have and give you some production number to strive for. 


    1. Data collection - We will review your data collection and reporting tools and show you how to effectively start mapping out your customer pool. We will show you how to create rules and start collating audiences into different pots


    1. Creative Brainstorm - When you work closely on a subject matter creativity can often dry up. We will get you to think about your creative options and help you start to build a plan based on quick wins and longer-term objectives.


    1. Competitor Review - Perhaps you think your competition is streets in front of you. Maybe you are just a bit nosey and want to see what they are up to. Either way, we will help you review your competitors content and make sure you can implement the best strategies into your own content. 


    1. Strategic Direction - Perhaps you have loads of content and want to understand the best direction to move forward. Maybe you are starting from scratch and are looking for a template to start and build from. 


    1. Linkedin Approach techniques - Your customers are out there and contactable. Looking at simplifying your approach technique could be the solution to unlocking more sales leads. 


    1. A joined-up team approach - Working as a team with a common goal is a simple yet effective approach to business development. 


    1. Event - Running is a great way to bring potential new business into your business. We will step you through the process of using social media to successfully fill an event.


    1. Understanding the numbers - Mapping out your customer audience pool using social media data. 


    1. New staff training - Do you have apprentices or graduates who would benefit from our high-level training?


    1. Facebook audience build and examples - Tell us who you are wanting to target and we will show you how to build an audience to do just that. We will even save it for you so that it’s available for use later


    1. Easy ways to produce content - We will show you how simple it is to make and find great content using simple agile software solutions.

To take advantage of the offer of a free bespoke workshop please complete our contact form. We are happy to run this as a high-level strategic workshop involving multiple people if you see fit.