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Why Small Businesses Can’t Ignore Facebook Ads

23 May 2019

Facebook ads without a doubt the best way to market your business in 2019. Big or small, global or local, Facebook levels the playing field and gets more users onto your site. So just how easy is it to get the most out of Facebook ads?

    1. Organic reach isn't a short term solution

With Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms it is increasingly difficult to target users organically. To get off the ground, the fastest and most effective way to build up a fan base is through paid ads on Facebook.  
Organic content is still a useful tool, but it works best in line with other strategies such as Facebook Ads and serves to cement and build in over a long period of time. 

2. Facebook has a variety of products to suit different businesses

With so many services on Facebook, ads are just one (very effective) way of showing your business on social media. Some of the options Facebook offers are:

    • Local Pages


    • Local Awareness Ads


    • Facebook Events


    • Facebook Place Tips

The most successful brands are the ones who are able to bring together detailed targeting, effective ads and have a clear goal. This is where the real challenge lies.

3. They are easy to target

Once you’ve established your ads you need to choose who you want to show them to. Aside from location here are three key ways that brands are able to target Facebook Ads:

    • Demographic


    • Behaviour


    • Interest

You are able to go into a surprising level of detail, but beware, who you target can make or break your campaign so make sure you think long and hard about it. How you define success is up to you!

4. Local Targeting is Super Cost Effective

If you’re looking to boost your online presence in a local area, this is the most valuable tool your business will have. This is by far the most cost-effective way of targeting ads as you only pay for impressions and targeting people in the local area who are likely to come in.
If your business depends on walk-in customers, such as pubs, restaurants and small stores or local professional services such as dentists, lawyers and accountants, these are a great option for you. Other businesses that can benefit from this type of ad are gyms, classes (fitness or educational) and local clubs. Pretty much any business that gets a lot of local custom!

5. They optimize for mobile

Something that saves you a lot of time is that Facebook helps you to optimize your ads for mobile visitors. Something that can otherwise be very time-consuming.
The other advantage of this is that ads surpass in-browser ad blockers as mobile apps don’t support them.
Local businesses are some of the biggest beneficiaries of cost-effective Facebook ads. The main issue is that often businesses make don’t optimise Facebook ads effectively. To learn more about how we can help you make the most of Facebook ads, contact us today.