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5 Key Takeaways from the latest Social Chain report

22 May 2019
Social Chain is a leading social media agency, aside from helping their clients achieve the success they publish regular reports on the state of the industry and analyse current trends. In their latest report published for 2019 they outline several must-knows for anyone working in or around social media.
Here are our 5 key takeaways that you need to know!

1 Meaningful engagement isn’t the be-all and end-all

Facebook now heavily prioritises content that results in ‘meaningful engagement’. What exactly is meaningful engagement though? That is the question that brands are trying to answer. The question that they are trying to answer at the cost of posting regular updates. While many brands are sitting around scratching their heads the more innovative movers and shakers are still out there creating content.

2 Instagram is set to overtake Facebook

Facebook as we know it is changing, the recent headlines around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has in some ways left more questions than answers (“I’ll have my team get back to you on that”).
While Facebook takes the headlines Instagram has been making waves by rolling out new features including IGTV, IG Shopping and IG Direct.
Instagram is growing as breakneck pace and is currently the second most used social media platform behind Facebook. One of the key reasons for this success is that in 2019 Instagram is set to unite the ‘holy trinity of digital’: entertainment, commerce and communication.

3 We are due to see an advertising influx on Insta

The aforementioned new features that Instagram has rolled has resulted in vast numbers of new users. New users, in turn, attract new advertisers. With that in mind, Instagram has also developed a number of new features for advertisers.
New ads include an organic boost for ads in stories and geofencing adverts to drive consumers to a nearby location.

4 Snapchat is still standing, its audience is just misunderstood #hipster

Snapchat was predicted to be dead by the end of 2018 but it’s still hanging on. As Instagram has poached many users from Snapchat it has also attracted many users that weren’t on Snapchat.
The platform remains very popular with under 25s and is seen as a crucial messaging app for 13 - 17-year-olds. As Instagram continues to grow and creaks under its own weight, Snapchat is increasingly being seen as a less mainstream option, attracting an albeit small number of users itself.
While Instagram attracts more advertisers and users, Snapchat becomes a much less competitive environment. This means that a savvy company could target their ads and receive much more bang for their buck.

5 Don’t be under the influence when choosing an influencer

Collaborating with an influencer can seem like a great way to spread your message to an array of new accounts. Without a doubt, there is great exposure to be had when working with influencers… But something that is often overlooked is carrying out due diligence on said influencer the same way that might be done for other marketing campaigns.
Many influencers are guilty of buying likes in a practice known as influencer fraud. Many agencies and leading brands have changed their practices when it comes to vetting influencers and blacklist those who are seen to have bought likes.
To find out how we implement these findings and can help you to stay at the top of your social media game, contact us today.