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Monster - Finding Success on Social Media

15 June 2019

Monster was established over 20 years ago as an online job board, since then it has grown to be a global success and is now regularly used by both employers and employees all over the world. Their services have since expanded to include resume-writing, job hunting skills, career advice and much more.
The Strategy
Monster’s main goal was to increase brand awareness and to encourage people to use Monster for their job search. To achieve this, Monster used video ads across Facebook and Instagram to put their furry purple brand mascot in front of as many people as possible. The advert showed the monster rescuing people from a bad boss and job by plucking them up from their desks and moving them to a new office. 
These adverts were targetted to both job candidate and employer audiences using a combination of customer audiences, lookalike audiences, and core audience targeting. 
The customer audience was built from:

    • People who interacted with the brand campaign and 


    • Saw a monster post on Facebook


    • People who visited the employer side of the site


    • Other identified job seekers

These custom audiences were also used to build 1 - 2% lookalike audiences.
For core audience targetting, the team created audiences using behaviour and demographic (education level and job titles) targetting. 
The Results
Monster’s video ad campaign had a positive impact on ad recall and improved their users intent to recommend them. This can be seen in the results of a Facebook brand lift study:

    • 16-point lift in unaided ad recall 


    • 6-point life in intent to recommend to friends. 

Chris Owen, Sr. Director, Media, Monster - “Facebook helped us seriously increase brand awareness, largely because we leaned into the variety, depth and flexibility of targeting options, using them to segment and optimize to our most valuable audiences. Our messaging was not only always unique to our brand, but also always catered to the audience, platform and device, even if it was just tweaking some copy.”
Interested in Targeted Advertising? 
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