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What’s trending on TikTok this month? - October 2023

20 October 2023

Have you been searching for some TikTok inspiration? Then you’ve come to the right place. Each month we cover the top trending TikToks that could help give your TikTok game a boost. 

“I didn’t know what that meant”

Raise your hand if you love a good lip sync… Then this trend is for you. 

This audio is perfect to use if you want to make a joke out of something. Whether that’s a comment made at work or a scenario from your dating life, it can help find the funny side of a bad situation.

Here is an example we’ve done ourselves.

“I wish I could just stop and go on a cruise”

This audio is for everyone wanting the Christmas break to come early!

I think everyone can relate to this TikTok trend in one way or another. This is the perfect solo lip sync to show your readiness for a break from work or anything that’s been going on in your personal life.

Here’s a great example.

The Weekend, Stormzy

I’m sure this audio will have been showing up on your For You page. You can literally use it for anything. Have you ever tried to dodge a work meeting with your boss? Or, tried to “reschedule” plans with your friends? This is the trend for you.

To make this TikTok, you don’t have to lip sync the whole time! You can just lip sync the female part. It’s an easy one for those who struggle with lip syncing.

Here is a funny example.

Stay tuned for next month’s trending TikTok trends. Meanwhile, to learn more about TikTok, specifically how to advertise on the platform? Click here to read our most recent guide to TikTok ads or head to our website to read our other blogs today!