What’s Trending On TikTok This Month - March 2024

08 March 2024

Before we dive deep into the world of social media, I would like to just address…we’re in March?! With the year already flying by, it means there's no time like the present when it comes to hopping onto social media trends and sounds before they pass by. So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

All that work and what did it get me?

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like something hasn’t gone your way, no matter how hard you tried? Well, this sound encompasses that feeling to a T. Whether you’ve put your all into work and got some negative feedback you weren’t expecting, or simply made a silly mistake and deleted everything you’d spent hours working on (we know that feeling too well, Facebook Ads, we’re looking at you👀), this sound is a playful way to share relatable experiences with your audience. Click here to see our very own clip!

Babylonging all day long

Making a comeback since its first release over 25 years ago, ‘Babylon’ by David Gray has suddenly become one of TikTok’s favourite tracks. Thanks to TikTokker Danielle Collins, who has brought the track back to life after using it in one of her videos, the song has gained huge traction on the platform. From funny sketches to reactions of people rediscovering the tune, this trending track has huge potential. Take a look at one of our favourite clips here!

Now, some of our younger audience may not have heard of the classic ‘Babylon’ song. However, we can guarantee once you’ve heard this catchy tune, it’ll be stuck in your head on repeat for days. 🎶

And I wonderrrrrr

Hands up if you’ve watched ‘Mean Girls’? (If your hand isn’t up, I’m sorry but we’re judging 💁‍♀️). 

‘Built This Way’ by Samantha Ronson is just one iconic track which makes an appearance in the iconic film, and bizarrely, it’s now a popular sound on TikTok. We’re not sure what’s going on right now with the use of these nostalgic tracks - does it have something to do with cutting ties with Universal Music? Who knows, but all we can say is we’re LOVING it! 

Whether you’re using the sound to re-enact an ironic situation or simply having some fun making up a relatable situation, this tune is perfect for sharing your humorous side with your audience, and sparking light-hearted conversations. See here just one funny example of how it can be used within the workplace.

That's a wrap for this month! Stay tuned to our blog page for the latest updates, tips, and tricks on social media marketing. We've got everything you need to improve your social media content game. Until next time! 👋

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