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3 Cracking Easter Marketing Campaigns We LOVE

15 March 2024

With Easter just around the corner, it presents the perfect opportunity for marketers to get creative with seasonal content. Having spent just under £1 billion on the holiday last year alone, it’s clear how important the event can be for marketing brands when reaching their audience, and finding a way to tap into it can provide valuable results. If you’re a brand seeking some marketing inspo, we’ve rounded up 3 of our favourite Easter-themed campaigns to shine some light on how to crack your strategy this year. So sit back, relax and maybe even enjoy an Easter egg…🐰✨

Cadbury’s Worldwide Hunt

Easter egg hunts organised by businesses can sometimes feel repetitive or dull (unless you work at Gather, duh) 💁‍♀️. Fortunately, Cadbury, the UK's biggest chocolate brand, offers an exciting solution. 

This came after they introduced their "Worldwide Hide," a global virtual Easter egg hunt where players can hide digital chocolate eggs on Google Earth and share clues for others to find. They advertised this concept via a YouTube video to their 578K subscribers, sparking curiosity with the question, "What if you could hide an Easter egg anywhere in the world?"

To sustain interest over two years, they collaborated with influencers on TikTok and Instagram, to promote the hunt's unique experience and sentimental value. 

This idea emerged during pandemic lockdowns when Easter gatherings were missed, thriving due to its interactive nature. With interactive content like online Easter egg hunts gaining double the engagement of static content, Cadbury's approach was strategic. Authentic social media promotion, influencer partnerships, and user-generated content amplified brand awareness, supported by videos highlighting the appeal of virtual gifts. So, would you take part? 🤔

Morrisons launch their own Chee-ster Egg

While chocolate typically dominates Easter baskets, it's crucial to remember the savoury enthusiasts too. Walkers Sensations once dared to think beyond chocolate, offering a limited edition "savoury" Easter egg with Thai Sweet Chilli crisps, a bamboo bowl, wine, glasses, and an Amazon Prime movie voucher. This unconventional product garnered significant attention, prompting other brands to follow suit, like Deliveroo's fried chicken Easter egg.

This year, Morrisons has introduced "Cheese Easter Eggs," targeting savoury food lovers and sparking excitement, especially on TikTok through user-generated content. 

This highlights the importance of innovation and thinking beyond traditional Easter themes. Whether it's exploring unconventional food items or non-edible experiences, tapping into diverse interests can create social media conversations and establish leadership in diverse areas of Easter marketing which haven’t been explored. 

With the choice between Lancashire & Cheddar or Stratford Blue Soft Cheese, it’s a cheese lover’s dream come true! 🧀🫶

Cadbury’s Winning Egg

Cadbury's Easter Creme Egg campaigns are renowned for their innovation. In 2022, their advert sparked controversy, with 25,000 complaints. However, Cadbury stood firm, aiming to promote diversity and fun in their ads. Their Golden Goobilee promotion celebrated 50 years of the Creme Egg, featuring diverse portrayals, including a same-sex couple sharing one. Despite complaints, many praised the ad's inclusivity.

In 2023, Cadbury launched a competition offering a £10,000 prize for finding a unique half-white, half-milk chocolate Creme Egg. Participants couldn't eat the egg, adding to the challenge.

The campaign's success was fueled by social media sharing of unwrapping experiences, generating high engagement and brand visibility. Competitions like these foster organic reach through user-generated content, sparking lively conversations. Engaging with winners on social media enhances the campaign's impact, driving further interaction and follower growth. Successful campaigns require carefully thought-out social engagement strategies to maximise their potential.

That’s all for today, but don’t hesitate to check out our blog page for upcoming social media updates or contact us today to see how we can level up your social strategy.🚀