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What’s New in Social Media - February 2024

23 February 2024

Just like that, February is here! After a month which felt like it would never end, we’ve never been so excited to welcome a new month, even if we are still in Winter. With that being said, a new month brings, you guessed it - new social media trends! You already know the drill, so let’s jump straight into the ever-changing landscape that is social media. 

TikTok & Universal Music cut ties

First up (and it’s a big one) it’s the end of TikTok and Universal Music’s relationship. After failing to reach a new rights agreement, Universal announced on Feb 1st that it was withdrawing its music from the platform. This saw popular tracks from well-known artists being deleted almost immediately (yikes). While this has been a cause for concern among many, it also presents an opportunity for new, emerging artists to promote their sounds to a potentially huge audience, helping to increase their discoverability and popularity. 

TikTok as the new Google?

Hands up who already uses TikTok as their search engine rather than Google? I know some of us at Gather can certainly say we do. However, the platform is now encouraging users to download and add the shortcut to their device's home screen. This comes as their latest effort to encourage more people to search on the platform, rather than using alternative search engines.

While a recent study has discovered that 51% of Gen Z women prefer using TikTok as a search engine as opposed to Google, it still has a long way to go until it can claim the search engine top spot. Google holds an impressive percentage of search engine users, 83.5% globally, to be precise. So, just what will TikTok do next in pursuit of being number 1? Stay tuned…👀

Bard’s rebrand into Gemini

Google has rebranded its AI products as Gemini, aiming for a simpler, more coherent user experience. Under Gemini, features like chatbots and collaborative tools will be integrated across Google's platforms. This move reflects Google's push towards monetising AI advancements, with access to the most recent Gemini model available for a subscription fee. The launch of a dedicated Gemini app for mobile devices signals Google's commitment to expanding AI-driven experiences beyond voice-only interfaces. As Gemini takes centre stage, it hints at a future where Google Assistant may evolve into a fully-fledged Gemini experience, offering users a richer, more immersive AI journey across devices and platforms. So, should we get ready to embrace the era of Gemini, and experience new AI-powered possibilities? 

Instagram's ‘Flipside’

Instagram is shaking things up with its latest experiment: Flipside. This new feature aims to formalise the concept of "Finstas" by offering users a private space within their existing accounts. Essentially, Flipside lets you create a personalised space where you can share content exclusively with a select group of followers, whether that be friends or family. 

You get to set up a custom profile with its own unique name, bio, and photo, then curate a smaller, more intimate group of followers. With a simple swipe, you can seamlessly switch between your main profile and your Flipside world. This move reflects Instagram's recognition of users' desire for more privacy and authenticity in their social interactions. For marketers, this shift highlights the importance of understanding and adapting to the evolving dynamics of private sharing. As Flipside undergoes testing and potential rollout, it's crucial for marketers to stay tuned and adapt their strategies accordingly. So, keep your eyes peeled and be ready to flip the script (no pun intended). 

Well, that’s all for this month! Be sure to keep an eye out on our blog page for any social media marketing updates, tips and tricks to ensure you nail that social media content. Bye for now. 👋