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What Type Of Instagram Post Is Best For Engagement?

26 August 2022

Instagram has majorly grown since it started, and with that has come an increase in features, in particular the types of posts, from the classic image or even video to the more creative carousel. However, do you know which type of post gets the best engagement? This blog post will explore the different types of Instagram posts and the type of engagement they get. 

It is known that carousel posts usually receive the highest amount of engagement than images, and video typically receives the least amount of engagement. Has this surprised you? In fact, carousel posts have always regularly received the best engagement, and it is always worth noting that current levels of engagement across all types of feed posts have actually dropped. This means that it’s more important than ever to be aiming to get as much engagement as possible.

Why is engagement falling?

Whilst feed posts are the OG of Instagram, other features like stories and reels have recently become more popular and a favourite for both app users and Instagram themselves. This favouritism has meant that the algorithm prefers stories and reels rather than feed posts. Why not try and start creating more content for stories and reels as opposed to posts? Be experimental, get creative, and jump on trends!

Why are carousel posts getting the best engagement?

Although it might seem complicated, one of the easiest explanations is that for a carousel post you need multiple photos, this means you’ll spend more time looking at a carousel post and, simply speaking, Instagram’s algorithm just likes this. Also, have you noticed that carousel posts seem to appear multiple times in your feed? As well as this, the recent photo dump trend has lent itself well and boosted the popularity and engagement of carousel posts once again.

How should I make engaging carousel posts?

Are you a brand or company wanting to incorporate user-generated content into your Instagram feed? Simply, do a carousel post of your most recent tagged posts, it’ll promote your product in an authentic and more natural way.

As we’ve already mentioned, jump on one of the latest trends and post some photo dumps! Photo dumps are typically less posey, and less edited, just a series of photos you’ve ‘dumped’ from your camera roll.

Give your Instagram followers a behind-the-scenes look at your company. This can cover anything and everything to do with your business; your followers will love seeing how you run and is again less filtered.

We hope these tips have been useful, why not post your first photo dump or reel today? If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and would like some more tips and tricks, click here to read our other blogs.