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What’s New in Social Media - August 2022

19 August 2022

It’s August and we’ve got all of the newest social media changes and updates for you. We understand that it can be hard to keep up with this, so we’ve made a list of the top 5 that are happening right now. This blog will take you through each of these, are you ready?

More Instagram feed changes

Instagram has gone back to its old ways, they are beginning to reduce the amount of recommended content in its user’s Instagram feeds. Previously, Instagram was testing this, seeing these as potential new features, ones that they were seriously testing. This is most likely due to Instagram’s users not liking the amount of recommended content in their feeds; many users only want to see posts from people that they are following. However, Meta mogul Mark Zuckerberg claims that the amount of recommended content will greatly increase, if not double within the next few years. Similarly, the full-screen reels are now in progress in a 9:16 format, especially since Instagram is now having a larger focus on video content, however, is this format here to stay? Also, it is looking like these format changes are affecting photos too. You better watch out and stay updated!

Is Google finally getting rid of cookies?

Google is currently continuing to extend tests on its cookie alternatives, until 2024, hoping to be their final time, meaning they are getting closer to getting rid of cookies for good. As these cookies go, Google will focus on specific topics and use these topics to target ads at people and their interests. Brands, if you’re currently still using cookies, maybe start thinking about changing your approach and alternative databases.

LinkedIn is now jumping on the carousel trend

LinkedIn is now allowing users to create carousel posts, this is very Instagramesque. Although this could previously be done with some complicated and complex documents, LinkedIn is now streamlining the process into something that is easy to do and is more straightforward, it is their post editor. In fact, this is being done for both photos and videos. As well as this, carousels are known for generating engagement, much more than native posts, so why not give them a go on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is boosting your best content

Have you ever had a piece of content that is doing extremely well? Well, LinkedIn recognises this and is now creating a boost page for your best-performing content, to show to people you aren’t following or aren’t connected with. This will help to further boost it, for it to reach new audiences and get more engagement. This will directly reward brands and people whose content is doing well. This page will be called 'discover', keep your eyes peeled for it!

TikTok is in the process of launching a streaming app

Music streaming and community is something at the heart of TikTok, and something that they want to further branch out on; they are thought to be turning this into a new streaming app. This will be called TikTok Music, with its sole feature being on just the music, not videos too. This makes perfect sense considering how much viral TikTok sounds and music has influenced the music charts, especially in recent years. This will be similar to other music streaming sites and could potentially become a competitor. Will they have a music for you page too? 

You’re all caught up for August! Did any of these surprise you? What ones are you looking forward to the most? To find out more about all of the social platforms, visit the Gather Social website, if you fancy reading another blog, click here.