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What’s Trending On TikTok This Month? - March 2023

17 March 2023

Like any month, March has numerous new trends entering the TikTok world, would you like to find out what they are? At Gather, we’ve made a list of the top trends that are taking over TikTok this month, so you can give them a go for your business. Take a look at this list to find some TikTok inspiration for you to use!

Boy’s a liar

You’ve probably heard this sound on your FYP, this trend has completely taken off again over the last few weeks! Whilst the lyrics of the sound are about a boy being a liar, the content that is being made to this sound is much more varied. From days in life to lip-syncs and more, you can certainly get creative and create a TikTok that is unique to you and your business.

One of our favourite examples is from the Retirement House. This TikTok is engaging, making the sound fit their brand, including multiple different people being in it. This sound is a great one to get the whole team involved in!


Can you think about something that your ancestors might not be too happy with? Use this audio to show this off! Think modern-day things, something that might seem normal for you, but definitely wouldn’t have been 50 or even 100 years ago.

You can make this TikTok as creative as you like, from dancing, or even turning into a little bit of a story, for any of you who love a bit of acting! We did this trend at Gather, click here to give it a watch.

Racking my brain

Got a red flag you’d like to speak about? Or maybe you’ve got an ick? This sound could be the key to showcasing it successfully on TikTok. Best done as a lip sync, with some text providing the all-important context, this can be turned into a viral video in seconds.

Whether you want it to be relatable or shocking, this audio is versatile and has plenty of potential. Here’s an example from Ricotaquito that we love, making a point about people who watch reels over TikToks, we can relate!

Boy Be In My DMs

Have you seen this trend pop up on your FYP? This audio is the perfect sound to use if you’re looking to flaunt or show something off. It’s short and sweet so will require minimum effort to create, you could even do a simple lip sync. Similarly, if you want to show off some self-love this sound would also be a great pairing.

Click here to see Carson Roney’s take on this trend, she even puts a transition into it if you want to make it a bit more complex!

Baby Boy

Has your FYP been inundated with videos of a baby giving a thumbs-up to the camera? This sound is the culprit! Maybe you want to share a guilty pleasure or an embarrassing moment, this audio would be a great option to use.

We’ve done this trend ourselves, sharing a photo of us saying ‘Wanna go for an iced coffee at lunch?’, then added the clip of the baby putting his thumb up at the camera. Take a look at it here. It’s easy, simple and quick to make. 

Ready to use some of these sounds? We can’t wait to see what you’ll create. For more TikTok tips, ideas and inspiration, visit our blogs page!