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Is TikTok Becoming a New Search Engine?

21 March 2023

From needing to find a place to eat or a fun activity in a city to finding out how to do something like cook or change a lightbulb, TikTok is becoming the new place to search for the answers. And Google has definitely noticed.

Although TikTok has been known for its dancing videos and a place for music, it is increasingly being used as a search engine for Generation Z as well. Could this be due to videos being easier to learn from? 

TikTok creates an algorithm that personalises content that is shown to the user. This all depends on what the users have been interacting with and searching previously. 

Nailah Roberts, 25, uses TikTok to find places to eat in Los Angeles, where she lives. She found searching for restaurants on Google difficult due to the reviews not being able to fully sell the restaurant. But on TikTok, the videos of the setting and food help show the style and ambiance of the restaurant a lot clearer.

It has been found that many people have been using other social media platforms and apps to search for products and trends, not just TikTok. Instagram is used to keep up to date on trends, Amazon is used to search for products and Snapchat has even been used to find local businesses. Therefore, the digital world is expanding with what is included as well as how consumers are using the platforms.

While TikTok has joined the search engine group and other social media platforms and apps have alternative uses, Google is still the world's dominant search engine. 

In turn, TikTok is known for its engaging content, keeping the younger generations more interested and drawn in for a longer period of time. Google has tried to keep up with this and incorporated pictures and videos into their search, in recent years, as well as introducing YouTube Shorts, in 2020. However, is it too late for Google? We will just have to wait and see.

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