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What’s New In Social Media - March 2023

29 March 2023

A quarter of the year is almost over! How quickly has it flown by? Like every month, there’s been an abundance of social media updates and news, from changes with Twitter’s two-factor authentication to TikTok allowing you to refresh your algorithm, there is certainly a lot going on in the social media space! This blog as always will give you a list of what’s happening in social media right now!

Instagram’s Top 3 Stories Sticker

Instagram is definitely on the lookout for more engagement as social platforms are getting more and more competitive every day. They’re currently testing a Top 3 sticker for stories that will allow users to choose their three favourites, from accounts to places, the options are endless. Have you seen this pop up on your feed yet? It’ll be interesting to see if this trend takes off, or if it’ll become a feature that is rarely used.

Twitter Blue’s Two-factor Authentication Exclusivity

Twitter has recently added another perk to its Twitter Blue status, exclusivity to two-factor authentication. This important security feature until now has been available for all accounts, however, Twitter users have been receiving notifications that the feature is now only for Twitter Blue subscribers. This means that people who don’t subscribe can be at risk of losing access to Twitter if they don’t remove this feature. I wonder if Twitter will see an increase in Twitter Blue subscribers because of this exclusive security feature.

TikTok Feed Afresh

TikTok is releasing a new option that will let you refresh your algorithmic recommendations, your FYP! So, if you no longer like the videos being recommended to you, you’ll have the option to refresh it, simply go into content preferences in settings and click the refresh you For You feed. Fancy giving it a go? This gives users more freedom, showing how advanced and fast-paced TikTok’s algorithm is.

LinkedIn’s AI-Generated Summaries

LinkedIn is the latest platform to add more AI features, now introducing AI profile summaries and job listings, alongside educational benefits in AI tech in LinkedIn Learning features. This is due to a new GPT tool that will give its users custom suggestions when writing in their profiles. Do you think this is a good thing? Are you worried that everyone’s summaries might start looking impersonal, or even the same? Only time will tell.

UK TikTok Ban On Government Devices

Hitting the news recently, TikTok will be banned on government devices in the UK. This comes after the US has pushed the app to separate from its Chinese ownership, do you think this is a coincidence? The EU carried out this ban last month too, after worries about it being used as a potential spying device. This of course creates concerns that this ban could be carried out to all users, not just those on government devices. What do you think will happen?

You’re all caught up for March! Are you surprised at any? If you’ve enjoyed this blog and want more social media tips and advice, visit our blog page now!