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What are the key marketing dates in April 2023?

04 April 2023

Spring has finally sprung! The farmers' fields are filling up with lambs, it’s starting to warm up and there are some key marketing days for you to put in your calendar for April. 

Read on to learn more about the marketing dates and how you could use these as marketing tools for your business, and to engage your customers on social media.

April is a busy month for awareness marketing dates for the whole month, giving you a chance to really take advantage, celebrate and even fundraise for them.

Stress Awareness Month

High-stress levels can lead to poor physical and mental health, it is one of the biggest public health challenges that the UK is facing. Unfortunately, although we all speak about being stressed, we aren’t doing enough about it. 

It is important to raise awareness that being stressed is normal, but everyone should be doing something to reduce their stress, and that there is support available. Reducing stress can reduce other health problems like heart disease, digestive issues, anxiety, and depression.

To help your employees, ensure you are implementing stress support, this could help their productivity and happiness at work!

To learn more about Stress Awareness Month, click here.

Hashtags to use:

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National Pet Month

National Pet Month (NPM) creates awareness for our furry friends, as well as raising awareness of responsible pet ownership. This is usually celebrated through various pet charities and educational campaigns. Although NPM is celebrated from April to May each year, celebrations and fundraising are carried out throughout the whole year.

The main aim of this campaign is to ensure all pets are being treated with respect and the best care possible. Animals have rights too! By taking part in fundraising activities you can help charities carry on helping disadvantaged animals across the UK. Getting involved in fundraising is a great way to get your company's name out there.

To learn more about NPM, click here.

Hashtags to use:

#NationalPetMonth #Dogappreciation #Catappreciation

Walk to Work Day

7th April

National Walk to Work Day is a great way to get your steps in, improve your health and save on fuel. Walk to Work Day creates awareness of being mindful of your carbon footprint, something that is starting to be encouraged across the world.

The mornings are getting lighter and the days are feeling slightly warm, so you may feel encouraged to do this once a week. It is guaranteed that walking to work will benefit you, no matter how short the journey is.

If you can’t join in by walking to work, why not try to get the bus for the day, and get your steps in at lunch? Trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone can be beneficial to your mental health, and influence you to start living a healthier life. 

As a business, you could advertise that you are taking part in this, to either help reduce carbon emissions or to improve mental health, or both. This is a great opportunity to get content about your workplace culture and to illustrate that your company is eco-friendly.

To learn more about Walk to Work Day, click here.

Hashtags to use:

#WalktoWorkDay #GetYourStepsIn #Carbonfootprint


9th April

Easter is a Christian religious holiday, it is a day dedicated to observing the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As well as this, there are many other activities and themes related to Easter. Spring being one of them. Easter has a large connection to lambs, chicks, the easter bunny, and chocolate. 

As a business, you could create content with this theme, for example, emails and social media posts. This is a great way to interact with your customers, leading them to engage with you, your brand, and your products. 

To further create a buzz about Easter, you could:
  • Run an Easter-themed competition
  • Send Easter-themed greetings materials (emails, postcards, flyers)
  • Create an online easter egg hunt

This is a great way to show that your company gets involved in holidays, wants to interact with customers and employees, and is a great opportunity to market your business to new customers.

To learn more about the history of Easter, click here.

Hashtags to use:

#Easter #Easteregghunt #Easter2023

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