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Using video ads to gain a 68% increase in online conversions

15 June 2021

HEJ Natural is a German company that produces healthy snacks using natural ingredients. Jannik Stuhlmann and Julius Wolf founded the company intending to make healthy eating fun. They hope that their ethos ‘to share food that is delicious and naturally healthy’ will largely promote the benefits of having good health to society.

The Objective

Previously, the company had great success with link ads that used static content but had never tested video content before. Stuhlmann and Wolf wanted to identify whether video ads would help drive sales online as well as raising awareness for the brand.

The Solution

HEJ worked with Facebook Creative Shop, Facebook’s in-house creative strategy team, to develop a video campaign that showcased their healthy snacks, with a primary focus on product quality and emphasis on natural ingredients. The brand had always used influencers in their campaigns, and this was going to be the first time that they introduced themselves as a brand at the start. 

The company used Facebook’s ad targeting tools to ensure they reached people who already showed interest in purchasing their products. From using this, it distributed the ads out to people aged 18-54, with personal enthusiasm towards healthy habits, wellbeing and fitness. To understand if the video ads were helping drive the brand compared to photo ads, HEJ used a Facebook multi-cell conversion lift study, allowing them to understand the value of Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network ads at driving sales and conversions. The study worked by splitting people from a wide age range into randomised groups; those who saw the video ads and those who didn’t, to compare these groups over time.

HEJ used a Facebook multi-cell brand lift study to analyse the impact the video ads had on general and top-of-mind awareness. This study worked in a similar way to the conversion study, by dividing the people into a text group, for video ads, and a control group, for the existing photo ads. The differences in sales results could then be allocated to the desired video ads.

The Results

HEJ Natural’s video ad campaign ran between 12th-30th September 2020 and achieved:

  • 19 point lift in ad recall when only running video ads 
  • 5.8 point lift in brand awareness when only running video ads
  • 1.7 point lift in brand awareness when only running video ads 
  • 68% lift in incremental conversions when only running video ads 

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