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Bathed in Social Success: Aire Ancient Baths

18 June 2021

Luxury bathing experience business Aire Ancient Baths, based in Spain and the US, teamed up with Facebook Marketing Partner Apache Digital to run conversion campaigns. They were aiming to achieve an increase in sales but still keeping costs low. The campaign drove 3x more online sales in the US and a 4.5x higher return on ad spend in Spain.

AIRE was conceptualized in 2014, right in the heart of Sevilla, Spain. Since then, AIRE has grown, leaving its mark on the well-being industry, opening outlets across Europe and the US. They offer a relaxing bathing experience in beautiful historic locations bursting with culture.

The campaign went swimmingly:

The purpose of the campaign was to encourage new and existing customers across Spain and the US to visit AIRE’s website to specifically book a visit, or to gift an experience.

The team at AIRE and Apache Digital began by looking into audience segments. Not only did this include past and existing customers, but also ‘lookalike’ audiences, people who were similar to AIRE’s established customers and contacts. Location-based audiences (relevant people based in the same cities as AIRE’s locations) were also created. As well as website custom audiences for retargeting and a custom audience of people who engaged with the company’s Facebook and Instagram posts.

The campaign lasted 10 months, and these audiences mentioned previously were presented ads for AIRE Ancient Baths, which encouraged them to visit the website and make a purchase. Those who visited the website but for some reason hadn’t completed their transaction were retargeted with dynamic ads to ensure the process was concluded.

Also used during the campaign was Facebook’s automatic placement option. This feature ensures adverts are automatically shown to your audience in the places they’re likely to perform best. This guaranteed the campaign was cost-effective for AIRE Ancient Baths to run. 

A Winning Combination:

All these features of the campaign meant fantastic results for AIRE. Apache Digital was successfully able to help AIRE find and convert customers at a low cost. From November 2018 to August 2019, AIRE had 3 times more online sales in the US, an 80% decrease in cost per sale in Spain, and a 4.5 times higher return on advertising spend in Spain, compared to the previous year. Overall a very successful campaign.

AIRE Ancient Baths have learned a lot from working with Apache Digital and are now implementing long-term campaigns which will feed their data mart. Jerónimo Alarcón de la Lastra Osborne, Information Systems Director at AIRE Ancient Baths, found that working with Facebook analytics provided “valuable insights” into their customers.

This blog was originally published by Facebook. If you want to learn more about Facebook dynamic ads and found this blog insightful, then check out more blogs like this here.