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Turning the slowest time of the year into the busiest...

31 March 2019

We recently took on a speech writing company as a new client. They were looking to use social media to expand their reach and get more clients.
We’ve already written about how social media ads are a key way of small businesses boosting their revenue, and we wanted to provide an example to illustrate how effective they can be.

The key stats

When we started working with our client, the vast majority of their traffic came from Google searches. It seems obvious right… when you need someone to write a speech for you, the first thing you’d do is google speech writing companies.
What we did, was work out the target audience. This meant that we could target ads to those people before they even search for it. The ones that did search for it we were able to more aggressively target ads to them. As always, the results were very impressive...
Website stats:

    • A 5570% increase in traffic from social media


    • Direct traffic increase by 86%


    • A 64% increase in goals completed


    • A 53% increase in web traffic


    • An organic search increase by 20%

So what about those that searched directly? Well, as above, that increased by 20%. Another key statistic to note is that paid search has also increased by 53%. The client has spent no more money than usual on paid search, but traffic still went up based on our campaign.
What about the social media stats:

    • Post reach to over 50,000 users


    • An 841% increase in page likes


    • A 426% increase in engagements

That’s a lot of users reached and engagements happening.
Oh, and in case you’re not impressed enough… The nature of our client’s speeches is highly seasonal, the stats above were actually taken from the slowest time of the year. Imagine how keen they are to see what we can do for them in their busy season!
If you want to see what we can do with your social media then contact us today.