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The Gather Effect

12 March 2019

We recently started working with a new client who was relaunching their website and social media campaigns. The client is a young company who are very much in touch with social media, but were struggling to work out how to use it to their advantage.
We’ve already written posts about the benefits of Facebook ads for B2C clients. Something that may come as a surprise to many is that, when done well, Facebook Ads can be just as effective in B2B industries.
By handing their social media over to a company who knows how to make the most out of social media, our client was shocked by the results.

Get your social media right and this can happen

As you’d expect, a social media marketing campaign meant a significant increase in followers, likes and engagements. In just a few days, our client was well on their way to:

    • 20,000 page likes


    • 25,000 post engagements


    • Reaching 300,000 users

However, a social media marketing campaign also influences other areas of online marketing. Our client’s website had a 112% increase in traffic coming to their website. When breaking it down, the traffic comes from:

    • 86% increase in traffic came from direct search


    • 765% increase in traffic coming from social media


    • 33% increase in traffic coming from direct search

Yes, more web traffic came from social media, as you’d expect. By posting on social media, there was a dramatic increase in people googling the business and going directly to the website. The significance behind this is that people were seeing the brand on Facebook, and taking the time to google them. This allows the website to capture user’s data, something which can be used for marketing purposes. Social media and organic search have a profound effect on one another.
The campaign is still relatively recent and the numbers are continuing to impress our client. If you would like to achieve social success with Gather Social please contact us today to find out how we can help.
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