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The Top Social Media Trends For 2023

24 January 2023

Social media is always changing, and the new year is no exception. After multiple changes last year where authenticity became super popular, will 2023 see the rise of more relatability? This blog will give you a list of the top social media trends that you could use this year!

Instagram’s Creator Benefits

Whilst Instagram might be seen as a slightly inferior platform it still has over 1 billion active users each month. 2023 should see Instagram give creators more specific and exclusive features, as they have throughout 2022 keep your eyes peeled to see when the next ones come out. These features usually get a boost in Insta’s algorithm too, so it’s worth jumping on these trends!

Mid-way Storytelling

A massive trend towards the end of 2022 was using social media to tell a story. However, in 2023 we think telling a story from part-way through will be the new trend to captivate your audience and make them want to catch up with what you’ve been up to. This trend can be used across a range of platforms and doesn’t have to be solely video, why not try it on the TikTok photos trend?

Gated Content

In 2023 gated content is expected to become more popular for a variety of reasons. Firstly gated content means you can connect more deeply with your audience, and this content can be owned by yourself along with the social platforms. It’s also a great way to monetise your work and stop your follower’s feeds from being plagued with ‘suggested content’ before seeing your work!


The power of SEO keywords and phrases should never be underestimated, especially in the social media space where just under 50% of Generation Z use Instagram and TikTok to search rather than Google. So, in 2023 to get your content discovered by as many people as possible you should use SEO keywords in your content.


Although LinkedIn is an older and traditionally less popular and more formal platform, it is perfect for organic engagement and that’s why more creators will take on LinkedIn in 2023. It’s great to show personality, and show your expertise, knowledge and achievements.

Artificial Intelligence

You might have already noticed but this year, AI is everywhere and has become really accessible. Did you know that TikTok has a selection of effects that have been inspired by AI? For example, you can create a background through your text, we’ll definitely be seeing much more of this throughout the year.

Youtube Shorts

Did you know that Youtube Shorts can get up to 30 billion views every day? These short videos will help you gain more viewers that can also watch your longer-form content and grow your channel. In 2023 they’ll also be more monetisation for Youtube Shorts so it’s worth having a go.

User-generated Content

Particularly with brands, user-generated content is becoming increasingly popular, and this type of content can be made in-house. This content is made well and will impact people’s purchasing choices, are you going to give it a go?

Less Trend Copying

Throughout 2022, copying trends was definitely a top strategy, but in 2023 it’s going to take a backseat. To grow and stand out from the crowd in 2023, originality will be key. So whilst it’s tempting to jump on every single new trending audio, make sure you’re putting out your own ideas too so you stand out, storytelling is already becoming popular.

Have any of these trends surprised you? Which ones are you going to try out first? We can’t wait to see how social media evolves throughout 2023, just watch this space.

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