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What’s trending on TikTok this month? - January 2023

20 January 2023

Are you finding it tricky to come up with content ideas for your TikTok account that will boost your business? You’ve come to the right place! This blog will give you our best ideas from the latest trending sounds we’ve seen popping up on your For You Page. Give this a read to find some inspiration for your next TikTok creation.

I’m A Girl Who Loves

Are you looking for a TikTok idea that will show off what you love, and what your business is about? Chances are you might have already seen this audio on your For You Page, as it’s become super popular over the last few weeks.

Use this sound to allow your audience to get to know you, it’s quick and simple to make as it only requires 2 photos and a bit of text, yes that’s right, no filming is required! We did this at Gather, click here to give it a watch. (You'll need to watch this one in the TikTok app as it uses Photo mode.)

Day Off From Work

Ideal after your time off over Christmas, this audio makes a relatable joke about how hard it can be to get back into your routine, yes the struggle is real! This sound will be relatable to even your least social media-savvy team members!

Match this sound with some perfectly timed lip-syncing and a little bit of acting and you’ve got a great TikTok. Click here to see an example. 

Who Stresses You Out?

Ever felt stressed and under pressure at work? This sound is a great way to shed some light on the situation, as it asks the camera to be pointed at someone who makes you feel stressed.

This video can be filmed quickly and easily, even if you’re alone because spoiler alert, the camera normally ends up pointing at you! Here’s a great example, from Micheal Buble, showing that even A-list celebs are loving this trend.

It Is Not

Have you been in your job for months, perhaps years and have only just found something out? This audio is perfect for sharing your revelation in a funny and trendy way.

Using this sound, film yourself or your co-worker saying the words in disbelief and simply write the fact on the screen, and see the views soar! Click here to see a great example from a nail artist in Illinois.

It Was Never That Serious

Is there someone in your team who is known for overreacting? This sound is ideal to recall a stand-out moment over something that was never that serious anyway.

Simply, film a clip lip-syncing the words and add some text over the top and you’re sorted. The more random and obscure the better, here’s a great example!

What trend are you going to try first? Head to the Gather Social blog to find out more about how social media can boost your brand now!