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The Photo Dump Trend Taking Over Instagram

18 March 2022

You may have seen your Instagram feed filling with photo dump style posts from people you follow, whether that be from a specific event or a photo dump of aesthetic visuals, the purpose of a photo dump is endless. 

But what actually is a photo dump and why has it become so popular? This blog will explain what qualifies as a photo dump and why it can help drive your engagement.

What is an Instagram photo dump?

In technical terms, a photo dump on Instagram uses the carousel post function, however, the ‘dump’ implies the type of photos involved. Rather than posting ten perfectly edited photos, a photo dump involves low-effort ‘dump’ or random photos that tell a story of an event or mood. Think a blurry group selfie, a scenic landscape video, and a photo of a half-eaten sandwich; it’s the little details that paint the bigger picture.

Why are they trending?

It’s been clear that the pandemic has impacted social media and our Instagram feed. We’ve said a temporary goodbye to posts of festivals, concerts, and exotic holidays and hello to low-fi and honest insights into people’s life. The posts and the hashtag has gone hand in hand, as the popularity of photo dumps has increased, the use of the hashtag has too which now has over 1.2m posts and counting. 

They are an effective way to connect with your audience and increase engagement using authentic and genuine imagery and removes the pressure of a ‘perfect’ post. As each image in the sliding post can be surfaced in feeds multiple times, it gives you more opportunities to connect with your community. 

How to jump on the trend?

You don’t need a production team and endless skills to jump on this trend, it’s easy to get started with and works for everyone; business or personal accounts. There are no rules when posting a photo dump, but take this as your opportunity to be more casual and show an intimate side to yourself and your business. 

Grasp the chance to mix up your feed and create relatable content to connect with your audience and grow your following. Whether you are telling a story or selling a product, photo dumps are the perfect format to make authenticity popular on Instagram again.

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