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What’s New in Social Media - March 2022

25 March 2022

Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing world? ‘What’s new in Social Media’ is Gather Social’s monthly update on all the most recent social media updates, new features, or announcements over the last 30 days. Keep reading to learn more about your favourite social media platforms…

Twitter Podcasts

First up, a native podcast feature could be coming to Twitter! Last year Twitter acquired the social podcast app Breaker. We’re now seeing the effects of that as Twitter podcast features have been spotted in testing. These tests show that Twitter is working on a placement for a new podcast tab in the sidebar and bottom navigation of the app. This is obviously still in the early stages of development, so everything could change, but the new feature is probably here to stay as it’s linked to the Twitter Spaces. Twitter Pods will likely be longer and more in-depth than Twitter Spaces, but the new feature could mean opportunities for engagement as Podcasts can be liked, shared, or commented on within the Twitter app. It’s clear to see Audio is a huge feature on the Twitter platform. 

10-minute long TikToks

Many UK users have already been given access to this feature, and this is the first change since 3 minute long videos were only introduced on TikTok several months back! TikTok has announced the feature will be having a full rollout as creators can take advantage of uploading a ten-minute-long video to the platform. Very different from TikTok’s original 15 second time limit on videos they began with. TikTok is no longer just a short-form video platform! 

LinkedIn and marketing platform Oribi

Linkedin has recently acquired the marketing platform Oribi. Oribi is a marketing analytics company and LinkedIn has announced it’ll be integrated into its main platform. Oribi can help marketers to optimise their ROI for ad campaigns, measure website conversions, and build effective audiences. Its analytics tools will eliminate the need for LinkedIn users to rely on third-party cookies or in-app tracking for their campaigns. This will no doubt improve opportunities for marketers to boost their LinkedIn campaign performance. 

Instagram’s quick replies

Instagram is reportedly working on a replies feature for sponsored posts. The quick replies feature for sponsored posts such as reels, feed posts, and stories. Users can send emoji reactions, search for other accounts, type in messages to brand accounts from a single action card on sponsored posts. These are just reports though at the moment, as Instagram has declined to comment or confirm the rumoured feature. The alleged new feature will be super convenient and efficient for marketers trying to connect with their audiences going forward. 

Want to learn more about your favourite social media platforms? We have plenty of blogs for you to check out. Visit the Gather Social blog to find out more!