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Our Top Twitter Tips

18 November 2022

Knowing exactly what to Tweet to boost your profile can be tricky, Twitter is a platform where you need to put out strong content to do well. Do you know what makes a Tweet perform well? Or, more importantly, what makes one perform badly? This blog will give you our best Twitter tips and tricks, so your Tweets can perform amazingly. Just a few small changes can really boost your engagement and platform, the key is audience engagement! You need to have your own voice whilst doing what works for your audience, something that you should keep in mind when making changes.

What to do now

If you’re wanting to make a few quick changes in how you tweet this is what you should focus on.

  • Keep an eye out for world events and trends.
  • Keep testing different things, and find out what works the best.
  • Make it visual! Images and videos are your friends!
  • The shorter the better.
  • Make it informal, like a conversation.
  • Don’t go overboard on hashtags, a few will suffice.
The detail

If you’re really trying to make improvements, here is our more detailed list of what you should do.

1. Use your voice

If you want to be bold and talk about what you believe in, Twitter is the best platform for this. Whilst it can be risky, you’ll find other passionate like-minded people to support you. Use your voice well and watch your engagement soar and your community grow!

2. Use it to break news

Have you got something new and exciting coming up? Your Twitter feed is the ideal place to announce it, no matter how important it is. From new products to events and awards, say it proud on your Twitter feed.

3. Use hashtags carefully

Everyone loves hashtags, and we’re all aware of the benefits they bring, especially on Twitter, but it’s important to be using them carefully so you can get the most out of them. You should be choosing keywords that are relevant in the current climate and to your organisation. Less is more too; a few key hashtags will help you more than 50 irrelevant, general ones.

4. Make full use of Twitter’s features

Did you know that on Twitter you can run polls? Utilising Twitter’s features like this will boost your interaction with your audience.

5. Connect with your audience

The best way to boost your engagement and build your following is to connect with your audience. Replying to their replies, or even giving them a like will do wonders for your presence on the platform. Similarly, retweeting works well alongside this.

6. Make your page as visual as possible

Twitter is mostly just pages of words. Make your Tweets stand out by using images and videos, even GIFs can help catch people’s attention. For video content, it’s best to keep this on the shorter side and remember to always use captions.

7. Be clear

Ensure what you’re tweeting is easily understood, especially in your CTAs, you should be telling your audience exactly what you want them to do. If you do this well, you’ll see your followers boost, or whatever your CTA was. Although Tweets are capped at 280 characters, make sure that each Tweet is only communicating one message at a time, you can do a separate Tweet for another message.

We hope this post will help you boost your Twitter game. What tips are you going to try out first? For more social media tips and tricks like this, click here to visit our blog.