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What’s New In Social Media- November 2022

25 November 2022

It’s November, the year has flown by and social media has well and truly transformed, and here at Gather, we’ve got the latest social media updates to share with you. From Elon Musk acquiring Twitter and new Meta updates, to Youtube creating new formats for their videos, this blog will keep you in the loop.

Twitter Takeover

You’ve probably already heard, but Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, officially buying it this month. Have you noticed any of his changes yet? He said that his goal is to make Twitter the most respected advertising platform in the world. Do you see this happening? There have also been so many changes with the ticks, blue, grey and even none. A subscription service has been trialled, but it isn’t being used further across the platform yet. What do you think will happen?

Snapchat’s partnership with Big Commerce

This partnership will allow brands and companies to integrate their products into Snapchat. In simple terms, ad campaigns will now be possible with snap pixels, this is a big change for the platform. However, there is a separate Snapchat app for this feature to get set up on it, would you download it? The app is currently available in America but has plans to be available worldwide in 2023. Will you be running ad campaigns on Snapchat?

Meta’s Creator Week updates
  • Their new NFT toolkit will allow its users to purchase collectable items on their apps, supporting Phantom wallet. Alongside this, Facebook is currently working on a range of video collectables. There will be more ways to be an owner of digital assets, watch this space.

  • In America, fan subscriptions have been brought out on Instagram for creators with over 10,000 followers. This feature will allow creators to charge a monthly subscription cost to give their followers exclusive content, even badges.

  • There are new tipping features for creators, from GIFs on Instagram reels, and creators themselves can gain stars to earn extra features that they will be able to use. This feature alone will attract creators to continue to make content on their platform, which is exactly what Meta wants.

Instagram post scheduling

This long-awaited feature is finally here! Instagram will now allow its users to schedule posts on its app. This feature has been in testing for months, but it has now been officially announced. This feature works for all of its posts, both static posts and reels. This feature will be found in advanced settings where you will find a scheduling feature. Once they’ve been scheduled you can double-check and make any changes in the new scheduled tab on the app. Posts can be scheduled up to 75 days in advance, are you looking forward to trying this out?

Youtube’s video formats

Youtube is making its features easier to use and have announced that each of its video formats, shorts, live streams, and standard videos will be separated on its creator’s pages. This means it’ll be easier to scroll through and find the content you’re looking for, there will now be a permanent separate section for each. For each creator, you’ll be sent to the section most relevant to what you’ve watched, have you noticed this yet? 

That’s it! That’s all of our updates for November, did any of them surprise you? Keep an eye out and watch your socials carefully, there's always a change or two happening. If you’d like to find out some more social media news and updates, click here to look through our other posts.