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Our favourite Insta story hacks: 5 features you should use

14 January 2022

500 million people use Instagram Stories every day. In this blog, we’ll discuss our favourite Instagram story hacks which will make you look like a pro! They’re cool, time-saving and will have everyone tapping through your stories. 

There are so many features for businesses to take advantage of. You’ll soon be the best storyteller in town!

1. Add a snazzy background when sharing feed posts.


Picture this, you’ve just shared an amazing image to your feed and you’re wanting to share it on stories too. But the boring default backdrop just isn’t cutting it! Adding a custom backdrop isn’t a necessary feature but it’ll leave your followers thinking your story skills are ace.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Select your feed post that you’d like to share and screenshot it, cropping it so it’s just the post.
  2. Next, click the aeroplane icon and chose “Add post to your story”.
  3. Stretch the feed post so that it fills the whole screen.
  4. Now open your camera roll and chose a background pattern that you saved earlier!
  5. Paste in the cropped screenshot of your post in front of your background and arrange as you’d like.
  6. Upload to stories
2. Add a link to stories without 10,000 followers.

Unfortunately adding a link to stories is an exclusive feature for accounts with over 10,000 followers, to many businesses dismay! However, don’t fret, because we have a way to get around it:

  1. Firstly, create a quick IGTV video with an engaging title (in the video, tell people to tap on the title of the video to get to the link).
  2. In the IGTV caption, add your desired link!
  3. Post the IGTV.
  4. Next, head to Instagram Stories and click on the link icon at the top of your screen.
  5. Select +IGTV Video and select you video you just created.
  6. People will be able to swipe up, watch your IGTV, and click on your link in the caption! As simple as that!
3. Hide your hashtags and @mentions.

Sometimes you don’t want to see those hashtags or mentions in your stories. Lucky for you there are two methods of disguise:

Method 1:

  1. Write out your hashtags and mentions
  2. Click the stickers button and head to your camera roll
  3. Add an image from your camera roll, and place it on top of your hashtags to hide them!

Method 2:

  1. Create a story with an existing image, add a text box on top and add your hashtags and mentions
  2. With the text box still active, click on the rainbow wheel and tap the eyedropper icon.
  3. Select part of the image to change the text to that same colour so it’ll blend in!
4. Create an innovative ‘revealing’ Insta story series.


Look like a Stories professional with this next trick. This would be great for a business account announcing a new product or event! Here’s how you do it:

  1. Add an image to your story in create mode.
  2. Now use the colour wheel to fill the screen and make a solid colour background, (select your colour and hold your finger down anywhere on the screen for 2 seconds).
  3. Next, select the eraser tool and erase a bit of the colour layer to reveal only a tiny bit of your image underneath.
  4. Now save this image but don’t upload it just yet!
  5. Use the eraser tool to uncover some more of the image, hitting the save button at various stages.
  6. Once you’re happy, begin a new Story post and upload your very first image!
  7. Post each image one by one so that your followers will see the image reveal with each tap!
5. Use even more fonts!

Sometimes the default Instagram Story fonts can get boring. Once you’re using them every day, you might want to start changing them up. With this hack, you can find a more exciting font to paste in:

  1. Head to the Instagram Fonts Generator website.
  2. Type out whatever you want to say on stories and chose your favourite font option!
  3. Copy and paste the message into your Instagram story text box.

You could also use Adobe Photoshop or Canva to add text to your stories before uploading them through the app. This works great for a branded font but can be more time-consuming.

We hope you enjoyed this blog all about our favourite Instagram Story hacks! Want to read more blogs like this? Head to our website to discover more.