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2021 Facebook updates from a Facebook partner agency

12 January 2022

At the end of 2021, Facebook and their sister sites were busy with new updates and features and as marketers and advertisers, we’ve been blessed with so many valuable new tools to put to use. Including live chat comment moderation, expanding ad eligibility to some industries, and much more.

Keep reading to learn more about the most important Facebook updates in December 2021... 

Comment moderation for creators (including live chat)

Facebook’s live video tools are very popular among creators and are used to expand their reach and monetize their content. While the engagement is great from live videos, it can be really annoying when trolls and spammers try to join in on the conversation. 

This is why Facebook is introducing new tools that can help improve creators’ experience with this issue, allowing them to block a user and any new accounts they may create as well as the option to hide unwanted comments. Keyboard blocking can also be set up by creators to filter out specific words, numbers, symbols, and alternative spellings that they would like to keep out of their comments section. 

Furthermore, creators will now be able to set up advanced Facebook Live comment moderation to have more control over who is and isn’t engaging with their content. They’ve welcomed features such as removing profanity, banning or suspending users and determining who can comment on their live videos. 

Expanded eligibility for cryptocurrency brands to run ads 

For a while now, Facebook has regulated ads about cryptocurrency, meaning cryptocurrency brands had to apply for ad eligibility. One of three different licenses was needed to run adverts that were deemed crypto-related.

Since then, the cryptocurrency landscape has developed and stabilized and as a result, Facebook has decided to expand eligibility to cryptocurrency brands by increasing the amount of regulatory licenses accepted. 27 different regulatory licenses will now be available, all of which are published in a list on Facebook’s policy page. Advertisers who were previously approved won’t be affected and they’ll be no need to reapply. 

Social issue advertisements selling products and services

There have always been special requirements in place for adverts which include social issues, which in recent years has received negative opinions. Facebook has recently announced they are making changes to reflect that. In the future, adverts that have a primary purpose to sell a product or service will not be wrongly categorised as a social issue ad. These adverts will not go through an ad authorization process and will have a disclaimer, “Paid for by”, to promote certain social issue topics

A representative from Facebook has said: “Our goal with our Ads About Social Issues, Elections or Politics policy remains to give people more information about ads that may influence public opinion through discussion, debate or advocacy for or against important topics, like health, tax policy, environmental issues or civil and social rights.”

More in-feed control for brands and users 

Facebook is also exploring new ways for both brands and users to control their newsfeeds. Here are a few examples: 

  • Facebook is testing new ways for users to adjust ranking preferences to customize their own Newsfeeds. These include giving them the option to either increase or reduce the amount of content they see from friends, pages, groups, and family members.
  • The existing controls will be easier to access, including favourites, snooze, unfollow, and reconnect.
  • Controls that allow advertisers to select topics to define how their ad will (or won’t) appear on Facebook; if advertisers choose to exclude one or more topics, their ads won’t be delivered to people engaging with the topics in their newsfeeds.
Instagram feed options  

Facebook’s sister platform, Instagram, is currently testing new ways for users to control how they see their feeds! This includes options like allowing users to “Favourite” certain accounts to see their posts higher up. There has also been mention of opting into a chronological-based Instagram feed as well as the favourites feature.

We know Facebook and Meta are working hard to deliver stronger experiences to customers, businesses, and advertisers alike. Here at Gather Social, we can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us! Want to know more about your favourite social media platforms? Click here to visit the Gather Social website and read another blog.