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How To Reach More Customers With Social Media

01 July 2019

Pianno 39 was created from the ruins of the 2009 Spanish economy by Silverio Ros, their low-cost pricing structure combined with their online presence allowed them to survive the turmoil unfolding around them. The company started selling exclusively through its Facebook Page and has since grown to be a reputable brand in the online fashion sphere.  
Given their current core demographic of women aged 35 and older, the fashion e-commerce business wanted to expand their reach to also target younger females aged 18 - 34. 

The Strategy

Given the younger user base on Instagram it made sense to use Instagram Stories to attract a younger demographic. In addition to targeting by age, Pianno 39 narrowed the reach to three separate audiences in Spain - a lookalike audience of previous customers, an audience interested in fashion and a broad audience. 
To ensure this new format would attract a younger audience, they created 100 variations (photo and video ads) to see which one would perform best. These ad creatives featured products that users could buy and attached a link to where they could shop.

The Results

After the two month campaign, Painno 39 saw the following results:

    • Reached 1.4 million women in their target demographic


    • 46% of the sales from the campaign came from women aged 18-34


    • The Stories ads also achieved a 1.64% conversion rate among 25-34-year-olds at €0.14 cost per click

Interested In Targeted Advertising?

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