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Using Social Media To Understand Your Customers

15 July 2019

Heartland Dental is a US-based dental support organisation that provides non-clinical services to over 740 dental offices. Every quarter Heartland dental runs a non-branded campaign to promote Invisalign® therapy service at its supported dental offices. The goal of this social media campaign was to encourage people interested in Invisalign® therapy to learn more about it and reach out to one of its supported dental clinics. 

The Social Media Strategy

Heartlands decided to try Facebook ads for the quarterly promotion, they used link ads to reach people most likely to be interested in Invisalign® therapy. To get the most out of this campaign they applied what they had learned from previous attempts, this included focusing ad creative on product shots as they had outperformed lifestyle-focused images. A “Learn More” call-to-action button had also outperformed a previously used “Contact Us” button and therefore was also used.
Having a solid understanding of the platforms their audience commonly used allowed them to reach their customers in the most efficient way possible. As images with teenage models were used for mobile ads, whereas desktop news feeds featured more family-friendly images that would appeal to parents.
To reach the right people Heartland targeted a range of audience groups, they targeted their link ads to Generation X, Millenials, parents with teenagers or preteens and people interested in Invisalign®. This was combined with their website custom audience to retarget ads to people who had already visited the website.
Heartland saw major success with their May - June 2016 link ad campaign and surpassed its achievements on other marketing platforms. This is reflected in the results they achieved:

    • 4.6X increase in leads


    • 56% decrease in cost per lead

Leah Harrington, Director of Product Services, Local Search Masters - “By using Facebook Custom Audiences, we reached an audience that Heartland Dental’s previous marketing platforms couldn’t. Our first campaign proved that Facebook advertising worked. However, it was our second campaign that proved Facebook was a force to be reckoned with, when we saw a 4.6X increase in the number of leads it produced.”

Interested In Targeted Advertising?

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