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Boosting online bookings with Facebook’s optimisation tool

01 June 2021

Carglass N.V., a vehicle glass repair and replacement company, was able to successfully boost their percentage of online bookings using Facebook’s dynamic creative ad optimisation tool.

Facebook dynamic ads are completely personalised. They automatically show the right products to people who may have expressed interest in your website. Carglass was able to utilise the dynamic ads by making them personalised to the specific customer they were targeting. 

Belron, the company that owns Carglass is the worldwide leader in vehicle glass repair and owns over ten more major brands around the world. They specialise in vehicle glass repair and replacement and are committed to making a difference with real care for their customers, people and society. Carglass, better known as Autoglass in the UK, focuses on creating a reliably fast and efficient service. In 2019, Belron served 18.2 million customers, over 39 countries.

The story behind the campaign:

Carglass aimed to encourage website bookings from their Belgian customers. They had previously found a large percentage of vehicle owners would begin to make a booking online, filling out their details but hadn’t for some reason completed the process.

Digital advertising agency Semetis and Facebook Marketing Partner Smartly worked closely with Carglass to build the campaign. Their strategy focused on connecting with the customers responsible for the incomplete bookings.

Smartly helped to create several ad assets that could be paired with Facebook’s dynamic creative optimisation ad templates. Based on the details already filled out by the customers, the Carglass advertisements were personalised to them. This included details such as the correct language, the vehicle brand and the type of damage, intelligently taken from their incomplete booking forms. 

A smashing success: 

Semetis were able to create strong results for Carglass using this advert technique, cost-effectively.

In a short amount of time, Carglass achieved a 290x return on advertising spend from retargeted audiences. Meaning 7.5% of adverts that led to a website visit resulted in a booking and there were overall 245 completed bookings per month.

Emile Cras, the eBusiness Analyst at Semetis regarded Carglass’s case study as the “perfect proof that remarketing, and especially dynamic creative optimisation campaigns, are scalable.”

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