Increasing new subscriptions with Fabletics

28 May 2021

Read how Fabletics used Facebook’s placement asset customisation to increase their VIP subscriptions by 75%.

Fabletics managed to expand their VIP member subscriptions using one of Facebook’s many tools - the placement asset customisation feature. Using this feature allowed Fabletics to increase their conversions and decrease their cost per conversion. On top of this, the brand managed to see a 23% increase in their conversion rate after click and subsequently, they also gained a 19% rise with their click-to-lead conversions.

Founded by Hollywood

Born in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. Fabletics was created with the ethos ‘that everyone and everybody deserves to look and feel their best’, which was reinforced by their decision to offer luxury quality sportswear, whilst staying stylish at accessible prices. With garments ranging from fashion-forward training clothes to swimwear and dresses, the brand aims to incorporate style, fit and function all whilst still keeping the price tag small. 

How the subscriptions soared

Fabletics wanted to use Facebook’s new placement asset customisation feature, which lets brands easily create different sized versions of one ad so that they fit multiple platforms such as Facebook news feed and Instagram stories, to promote their VIP member subscriptions. Fabletics' target audience for this campaign were Spanish women over the age of 18, that have an interest in exercising, but they were sure to exclude existing VIP members. The Fabletics VIP member subscription offers early access to sales and more benefits for a small monthly fee. Due to the business wanting to entice more VIP members to join, they designed a campaign to span across many platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Once a brand uses the placement asset customisation the Facebook algorithm sends those different versions of one ad, to the corresponding social media. This particular process allowed Fabletics to show more of their ads on Instagram stories in the correct format, thus broadening their reach.

To gather insight into whether this process worked well for Fabletics, they also ran a double-cell conversion lift test that compared their usual ad campaign process to the campaign that had been adapted to fit multiple platforms. This helped them to measure their results and understand whether the placement asset formatted ads resonated more with their customers and more importantly whether this translated into new VIP members.

The results are in

Fabletics have demonstrated the benefits of using the placement asset customisation solution from Facebook to create custom ads. Targeting potential VIP members with different sizes of the same ad, caused a huge increase in conversions (75%), a substantial decrease in their cost per conversion, increased conversion rate after click and higher click-to-lead conversion. 

Find out more social success stories here. This blog was originally published by Facebook Business.

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