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5 Common Social Media Mistakes Brands Make

16 July 2021

Social media is an essential marketing communication tool for brands now, but there are recurring mistakes that many brands make. Marketing on social media doesn’t have to be big or expensive, as a little but effective creativity can go a long way. 

Here are five common mistakes observed on many brand’s social media, and how you can get it right.

Assuming people actually care about you and your products

To start defining your purpose of social media, you need to understand it. You need to understand what you are gonna offer to customers and why they will want to interact, and hopefully purchase from your business. Everyone is busy, and the general attention span on social media is down to seconds, so how are you going to stand out? How is the consumer going to find you? Think about relevant areas and ways to target them, and encourage engagement, but remember that a lot of audiences remain passive, so need to find a way to make your brand memorable. Make people search for you, not just you searching for your consumer.

Creating content no one sees 

Consider your audience and the times of day they are most likely to go on social media. When are they most likely to interact with your content? Bear in mind the day of the week and the time of the day. If your content is that bold and creative, it will capture the attention of your audience, but one thing that your brand will benefit from would be a bulk of content, rather than just relying on one image. This gives your audience more of a chance to come across your posts, no matter what time of day they go on their socials.

Confusion on what you want to achieve

 To have a successful social media strategy, you need to focus on your objectives and how you measure the success you see. As a brand, make sure you are clear on the current picture, and you are using insights and data to evidence your actions of what you are posting. Most campaigns on social media have something to learn from, so find something from each of yours that you could change for next time, or even research into case studies of other campaigns that have or haven’t worked and learn from them.

Posting the same content on every channel

 It’s easy to do, and very tempting, to resize content and post on every platform, but people get bored easily and want to be constantly engaged and stimulated. Different channels have different concepts, so use them to their full potential and tailor content specifically. There may be occasions when content does need to be visible across every channel, but keep this rare for special campaigns or limited content. Your audience will thank you for it.

Expecting immediate return 

Excuse the cliche phrase, but it’s not about the destination but the journey. Social media rarely gives immediate return on investment, and a long-term strategy will keep you on track to achieve your brand’s goals and objectives. Count on the small wins too, and reward yourself on effort, not just acquisition. Remember to keep referring to insights and data to keep your content and strategies relevant to your consumer’s behaviour and learn as you go to connect with them, and grow your presence.

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