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The Recruitment Campaign Securing Leads with Facebook ads

09 July 2021 is a Japanese job-matching website that pairs potential applicants from around the world with Japanese businesses that are seeking international employees. The website recently used Facebook lead ads for its recruitment campaign. The results were unmatched, were able to improve their cost per acquisition and also obtained a 5x increase in conversions over the former month.

Backed by MRINetwork, a leading international recruitment company, allows professionals such as doctors and engineers from around the world, as well as global corporate talent, to discover their dream job and begin their careers in Japan. Founded in 1965, the MRINetwork has a longstanding reputation in the recruitment industry. They currently employ approximately 2,500 recruiters across 35 countries around the world, including those working for

The Campaign: 

To grow an effective network of professional talent, intended to improve the conversion rate of potential candidates who click on their application forms. partnered up with Value Creation K.K., to create a campaign using Facebook lead ads. The project aimed to provide a hassle-free process for candidates to submit job applications in a matter of minutes. 

One of the campaign’s most unique features uses the candidate’s personal details from Facebook. When the applicant engages with the Facebook Lead ad, they are presented with a pre-filled out form including their name, phone number or email address, all taken from their Facebook profile, promoting an efficient application process. aimed to create adverts that could be easily understood by their targeted audience. They used simple and clear language and designed a variety of creative adverts to serve the wide range of jobs they had on offer. For example, they were able to choose the appropriate advert style specific to a job vacancy for a doctor and a different style for that of an engineer. 

A/B testing was also conducted to discover which adverts delivered the best results. was able to make changes based on these results to optimise the performance of the ads and consequently acquire more high-converting leads. The company also ensured a shorter follow-up time on leads, to efficiently close the leads and improve the conversion rate. 

Furthermore, was able to target audiences with precision. Using the Facebook Pixel feature on their website, people who had previously visited the site but had not completed an application form were retargeted with job adverts. A lookalike audience was also created and targeted based on website visitors, to reach a maximum amount of potential candidates.

The Results: saw a significant number in reduced drop-offs and an increase in quality leads after using Facebook lead ads and its customised forms. 

The campaign achieved excellent results compared to the previous month:

  • 2.4X increase in conversion rate
  • 56.4% improvement in cost per acquisition
  • 5X increase in conversion

The success of the Facebook leads ad campaign was evident in the increase in conversion rate. As Yuya Tanaka, the Trading Desk Manager from the Digital Marketing Division at Value Creation K.K explained:’s campaign meant people completed registrations “without having to leave Facebook, which significantly improved the rate of conversions.”

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