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Utilising Facebook ad campaigns to boost reach with PAP DECO

19 July 2020

PAP DECO managed to boost reach to almost a million people with a one-of-a-king Facebook ad campaign. Skyrocketing interest resulted in quality leads and a 2X increase in revenue compared to the previous month. PAP DECO is known for creating unique brass wall decorations and fixtures such as furniture handles, using traditional casting methods to bring its bold designs to life. The family business is based in Poland, yet works with a worldwide network of distributors, architects and interior designers.

Generating awareness 

In August 2019, PAP DECO embarked on a six-month Facebook ad campaign which aimed to reach highly relevant audiences, engage interested people in Messenger conversations and ultimately, secure quality business leads.

Reaching engaged audiences again

Leading online marketing agency Performance Media guided PAP DECO in its first major Facebook ad campaign. The strategy was to develop brand awareness with relevant audiences, then build on audience engagement by encouraging potential customers to start a Messenger conversation. The final stage was to reach people who showed high levels of engagement and intent, to secure quality business leads.
PAP DECO and Performance Media kicked off by showing mobile-friendly branded video ads to a broad audience across all Facebook placements, using exclusions to find only the right kinds of people while reaching a wide audience. Having set up a Custom Audience in advance, PAP DECO was then able to automatically show further ads to people who had engaged with the initial ads by watching a minimum proportion of the video. These people saw photo ads with a click-to-message call to action that opened up a conversation with PAP DECO in Messenger.
People who started a Messenger conversation—and a lookalike audience of people similar to them, as well as those who had recently interacted with the Facebook Page—then saw lead ads that invited them to submit their details in a pre-populated enquiry form. Over the six-month campaign, PAP DECO and Performance Media refined their approach further by creating and matching specific ad creative to audience profiles, such as homeowners, architects and interior designers.

Let’s talk about results…

PAP DECO’s systematic approach to building audiences paid off. Between August 2019 and January 2020, this engaging Facebook and Instagram campaign reached multiple target audiences and generated quality leads:

    • 950,000 people reached


    • 2X Increase in revenue, compared to previous month


    • 5X increase in customer leads generated than the previous month

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