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Social Success- Never Fully Dressed

03 November 2019

Find out how this popular UK online fashion store Never Fully Dressed reached new international audiences and proved that they could translate into conversions when it used broad audience targeting with Facebook dynamic ads and video ads, increasing sales by 3.4X.

What’s the story?

Lucy, founder of Never Fully Dressed started the brand in 2009, selling her clothes at London’s trendy Portobello and Spitalfields markets. Today, it has grown to become the one-stop online shop for sophisticated wardrobe staples in fresh prints and on-trend palettes. The brand’s recent partnership with TV’s Made In Chelsea has catapulted the brand even further into the public eye.
Aiming for international growth, Never Fully Dressed wanted to increase online sales and win new customers outside of the UK.
Brandog Digital stepped in to help Never Fully Dressed come up with a powerful campaign strategy for reaching customers around the world. Never Fully Dressed had previously tested ads in single countries, but now wanted to explore new ways to reach its goals, so Brandog Digital proposed grouping audiences across multiple countries instead.
Never Fully Dressed used broad audience targeting for prospecting, as well as lookalike audiences based on its top customers. It focused on Europe (excluding the UK), North America, Australia, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa and Mexico for this campaign.
People were shown dynamic ads featuring relevant products in carousel format and further video ads across Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed, Instagram Stories and Audience Network. The best-performing ad creative in UK campaigns were surprisingly also the strongest for international audiences—suggesting that in this brand’s case, visual trends translated globally, rather than being localised to a single country.

Never Fully Dressed Results

During the 3-month March–June 2019 campaign, Never Fully Dressed introduced its products to a worldwide audience and drove strong sales as a result:

    • 2.5X more people reached, compared to previous campaigns


    • 3.4X increase in sales


    • 3.2X return on ad spend

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