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Reaching 5.5 million people with LA CREMERIA

04 October 2020
LA CREMERIA reached 5.5 million potential customers with Instagram ads. The Malaysian ice cream brand famous for its alternative flavours. They decided to work with influencers and celebrities to create a campaign boosting awareness.
“As a fun-loving and trendy brand, strong meaningful content with high entertainment value is at the forefront of our plans and we are always looking for opportunities to bring unique ideas to life. The collaboration with celebrities and content creators allows us to tell great stories of the product and brand to reach a highly engaged audience.”
 - Kenneth NG, Senior brand manager, NESTLÉ ICE CREAM

The perfect combination 

LA CREMERIA is known for their innovate ways of creating brand awareness and collaborating with celebs creating fun and engaging content promoting new flavours. In December of 2019, they decided to boost brand and product awareness reaching target audiences with a new social media campaign. 

The perfect serve 

Working with Malay actors Sean Lee, Jenna Nicj and Nadzmi Adhwa LA CREMERIA created personalised video content reenacting popular scenes from films they starred in featuring the ice cream to go out on their Instagram pages. Not only did they post this content on the actors personal Instagram accounts but they also created a campaign posting the content on all platforms. All posts feature “paid partnership with” so audiences knew it was a collaboration. 

Reaching 5.5 million

Working alongside agency Zenith they were able to analyse the results from the campaign, ice cream is an internationally known product so they targetted audiences aged 18-40 with budget optimisation throughout. This campaign was a global success and managed to reach a staggering  5.5 million people! They also achieved the following results:

  • 5.6-point lift in ad recall among 35- to 40-year-olds

  • 4.5-point lift in likeliness to recommend

  • 4.5-point lift in ad recall among women

  • 2.9-point lift in purchase intent among 25- to 34-year-olds

“With this campaign, we wanted to leverage the idea of popular Malay TV dramas to create fresh, engaging videos that resonate with fans. Through branded content ads, we were able to precisely and efficiently reach out to the people who would enjoy the content.”

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