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Our customer service is second to none.

Each member of our team brings their own creative flair to each of our clients. We work collectively on all projects to ensure we are providing our clients with the greatest creative range. As our team continues to grow, so will the creative portfolio the business is able to provide to its ever-growing client portfolio.

Our core offering is content production, distribution and paid social adverts. Whilst adhering to clients brand guidelines, we have evolved into offering our clients wider marketing support, under our disruptive pricing umbrella.

The continued development of our own software provides us with the most cost- effective process for distributing content on social media. Our agency clients benefit from 100% of their time being allocated to creative content production. Our tech allows us to focus your budget on making content, which is what ultimately drives business results.

"We believe that every employee is special and has a talent
- our job is to help them find it!"
Sam Evans

Meet the Team

  • Sam Evans

    Sam Evans (He/Him)

    As a professional Jetsetter, you can usually find him abroad in the sun, practicing Yoga or listening to house music.

    Sam is our Founder and Managing Director. From setting up the business himself many years ago, he is an expert in understanding all things marketing data and Meta advertising and is constantly aware of developing and changing technologies.

  • Mary Wheatley

    Mary Wheatley (She/Her)

    You can usually find Mary in the gym, or curled up on the sofa in her flat watching Netflix.

    Mary is a Social Media and Content Manager and is responsible for client communication and onboarding new clients. She is a wiz at multitasking and project management, and thrives when creating graphic social content for our clients.

  • Amy Young

    Amy Young (She/Her)

    You’ll usually find Amy with a cocktail/pint in her hand, probably booking her next stay-cation.

    Amy is a Social Media and Content Manager and she is responsible for heading up some of our bigger clients. She often organises content days and liaises with the client to hit their goals and targets! Alongside this, Amy heads up on-location shoots and enjoys creating Facebook Advertising campaigns for our customers.

  • Alice Hughes

    Alice Hughes (She/Her)

    You can usually find her enjoying a cup of tea whilst watching a crime documentary or making her curly hair TikToks.

    Alice is a Social Media and Content Executive at Gather Social. She is responsible for client communication, META and TikTok Ads campaigns and creating/ organising content. Alice enjoys photography, all things video editing and design!

  • Shannon Pursey

    Shannon Pursey (She/Her)

    Outside of the office, you can usually find her snapping creative photos of her outfits or travelling to different countries with her husband.

    Shannon is a Social Media Content Creator at Gather Social. With a passion for TikTok, Shannon keeps a keen eye on trends to continually produce creative and engaging video content.

  • Laura Markham

    Laura Markham (She/Her)

    You can usually find Laura trying out some new recipes in the kitchen, practising her singing or enjoying a cosy night watching a film - with plenty of snacks, of course. 

    Laura is a Social Media Content Creator at Gather Social. With a passion for all things social, from content creation to copywriting, Laura loves getting creative and has a real buzz for when it comes to achieving client's goals. 

We can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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  • Social Media Management

  • Content Studio

  • Your Marketing Department

  • Content Scheduling

  • Team Content Marketing

  • Paid Advertising

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Creative Agency



Social Media Success for Creative Agencies

Since the inception of the company, we have always had the mantra that every employee is overqualified to just spend days a month scheduling content. This was our managing directors first job when covering his then business partners holiday, and this gave birth to the Gather Platform. Our in house marketing agency developed platform is recognised by Buffer as a partner and leading agency tool. We are here to assist any company looking to reduce scheduling time across their entire client or business portfolio. 

By utilising the Gather Platform you will free up hundreds of man-hours per month from the burden of scheduling content. You will see a natural increase in results as your consistency and frequency improve, and more importantly your creative team has hundreds of hours free up to help grow your business. 

Your team morale will naturally receive a big boost. No creative talent ever woke up and punched the air with delight that today is content scheduling day. Imagine the worst part of your creative team's job's being removed and freeing them up to be more creative for your clients. Leaving them with more time to respond to emails, brainstorm or even research that next killer idea or pitch. 

You might be thinking about hiring, but examining what automating content scheduling could mean for your existing team is incredibly important. Automating content scheduling is an effective way of increasing turnover and profitability without increasing headcount.

"The team at gather social have been amazing, they have helped us grow a brand, they have been supportive, educational and inspiring and like having a personal coach. They get to know your business like true consultants. I would be lost without them. If you want to take your business to the next level. Sam and Jules and his team can do this."

Michelle, Eternal Being

Increase Enquiries

35.38% increase in email enquiries

Increase Enquiries

10% increase in contact form enquiries

Traffic Increase

2400% increase in traffic from Instagram stories

Traffic Increase

200% increase in traffic from Facebook


862K impressions on content locally


128K local people exposed to content

To learn more about marketing creative agencies, download our PDF created with Facebook. 


Still need help?

Get in touch for free and friendly advice, or book a no commitment workshop or platform demo today.
Connection is key, so drop us a message and a member of our team will get back to you within one business day. Thanks!

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Estate Agent



Social Media Success for Estate Agents

Everybody who wishes to own or rent a home will require the use of an estate agent during their lifetime. The secret to success for an estate agent is to blanket market the local area. This is a bit like an old fashioned flyer drop, but straight onto peoples phones. Ultimately this will be brand awareness content sowing the seed to the user, that you’re an estate agent and you are there should they need your service. 

Content creation is relatively straight forward. Use your properties available for rent or sale as your changeable content. Once you have developed some brand awareness content, you are ready to roll. Your brand awareness content may need to be updated quarterly and your properties weekly. 

You will require a fixed amount of budget per month to target users based upon the data. We would recommend targeting by homeownership times, as people who currently own homes in your local area are most likely to be your customer. A similar strategy can be used to target landlords and tenants alike. 

Turn your social media presence into your sales USP. Attract more sales and lettings opportunities with a social media package for each property to give your customer a real premium service. 

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"I’ve learned more about social marketing in a couple of hours than I have over the last several months. If you are serious about building your online presence then you need Gather Social!"

Eric, Eric Williamson

Download our PDF to see what we can do for our Estate Agent clients.


Increase Enquiries

35.38% increase in email enquiries

Increase Enquiries

10% increase in contact form enquiries

Traffic Increase

2400% increase in traffic from Instagram stories

Traffic Increase

200% increase in traffic from Facebook


862K impressions on content locally


128K local people exposed to content

Still need help?

Get in touch for free and friendly advice, or book a no commitment workshop or platform demo today.

Connection is key, so drop us a message and a member of our team will get back to you within one business day. Thanks!

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Meet your new scheduling assistant!

Are you constantly wishing there were more hours in the day? What if there was a digital assistant that could cut your time spent scheduling by 90% and increase engagements?

The Gather Social Platform can help you manage and control your social content and distribution, increase the frequency of your posts, meet your business goals, and maximise your metrics, all while providing a bespoke service for your company.

Enquire Today to Book a Demo

  • Save time and money

  • Manage mass content distribution

  • Create intricate posting schedules

Time is currency; how do you want to spend it?

  • Are you really utilising your time spent distributing content?
  • What would you be doing with your time if you weren’t scheduling?
  • Do you want to gain full and immediate control of all your social channels and content in one place?
  • Would you like to increase your content distribution frequency to increase impressions?

Save yourself time and money with The Gather Social Platform

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Need a hand?

The Gather Social Platform is the digital assistant all marketing professionals dream of. Forget training up a new member of staff for the job, regain full control over your social content distribution but with a fraction of the stress and time. Whether you’re a marketeer or a business owner, at Gather, we know that you don’t want to spend every day scheduling content manually but focus your time and energy on the things that matter to you and your business growth. The Gather Social Platform does just that.

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How The Platform can help

  • Immediate control of all social media content distribution
  • Saves business time and money when it comes to scheduling
  • Can be tailored to align with your business goals
  • Increase volume distribution instantly to maximise metrics and data collection
  • One-stop content hub for all your social media marketing

Enquire Today

Welcome to a new way of scheduling!

Unlock the power to manage your entire content distribution with our Platform. It’s more than just a tool, it’s a bespoke digital assistant that can help you meet and exceed your goals, saving you time and money, while still giving you full control over your marketing. Tailored to your business, The Platform allows you to increase the frequency of your posts, create intricate posting schedules, manage multiple brands within a company and automatically distribute content across numerous social channels, all at the click of a button.

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Save your business time and money

How long does it take to schedule a fortnight’s worth of content? Well, how long is a piece of string? However long it takes you, we guarantee this is time you would want to focus on anything but. The Gather Social Platform takes a fraction of the time to schedule months’ worth, giving you back the time to work on tasks you enjoy more.

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Manage mass content distribution

The Platform gives you the flexibility and control to manage your entire business’ social content in one area. With the possibility to connect unlimited channels, accounts, and content while segmenting out individual brands and schedules, the Platform allows you to gain stability of all accounts. With just a click of a button, you can edit any existing scheduled content, change the destination and content sources within any schedule, and pause all posts within your business.

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Create intricate posting schedules

With unlimited social channels and content connected, you now have the flexibility and power to manage everything in one area and create the most intricate of posting schedules. This bespoke aspect of The Platform ensures that you can optimise it to its full potential to align with your unique business objectives. From segmenting senior leaders' personal brand content to setting up future content posting schedules for specific time periods, the Platform can assist you in eliminating stress and elevating views, clicks and engagements.

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Take your marketing team to the next level. Invest in The Platform.

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Our Services

We provide creative and data-driven marketing solutions across many different industries to help businesses thrive digitally.
  • Photography


    We have everything you need to make all your photography dreams come to life. Our creative team can produce industry-leading images for your business.

  • Video


    Our team can make your video ambitions a reality. We have everything you need to stand out online with industry-leading video content.

  • Social


    With our social-first mentality and design strategy, content created by us will be designed with social in mind to achieve your business market-leading results.

  • Paid Advertising

    Paid Advertising

    You’ve got to pay to play. Having an advertising budget for social media is now essential; marketing is now sales.

  • Websites


    We can help you build and maintain a well-designed website that ranks well through Google, gives easy access to information, and boosts customer experience.

  • Branding


    We can assist you in establishing your brand presence, whether that be developing your brand from scratch or expanding your existing brand identity.

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Make a splash in the digital world!

Say hello to your new digital marketing agency!

Using informed data-driven decisions and our expertise in creating engaging social content, we'll provide you with the insights you need to drive your social media strategy forward, making sure your brand shines online.

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  • Data-driven decisions

  • Social-first creative focus

  • Meta Business Partner

Marketing your business is complicated enough

  • Are you utilising Google Analytics 4 and Meta ads?
  • Is your business reaching new audiences on TikTok?
  • Have you harnessed your social media in your hiring process?
  • Looking for affordable and quick-turnaround videos at scale?

Struggling to keep up?

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Need a hand?

At Gather Social, we're all about results-driven solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. Our team of passionate experts are committed to helping you achieve your social media goals, whether that's increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or boosting engagement.

With our innovative approach and a keen eye for future trends, you can trust us to create content that resonates with your audience and delivers tangible results.

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Welcome to a new way of marketing!

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and your marketing agency should be adapting to it. Our team of creative professionals brings a strategic approach to every project, utilising the latest trends and technologies to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Whether it's crafting engaging social media campaigns, designing eye-catching graphics, creating compelling video content, or optimising your website for Google, we have you covered.

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Google Analytics 4
Remarketing in the Meta Platform

Are you ready to take your remarketing game to the next level? Our team of experts will guide you through the intricacies of Google Analytics 4 and show you how to leverage its data across your social media content and marketing strategy for remarketing success in the Meta platform.

Maximise Your Reach with Meta Ads

Meta ads are the backbone of any digital marketing strategy and essential for businesses looking to expand their reach and drive conversions. As a Meta Agency Partner, Gather Social will show you how to harness the full potential of Meta ads and with our expertise in ad creative targeting strategies, and data-driven decision-making, we will optimise your Meta ad campaigns to achieve maximum results.

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The Power of Video in Today's Marketing Landscape

In a world where content is king, video rules them all. Our creative team can help you tap into the power of captivating videos and elevate your marketing strategy to new heights. If you’ve been dreaming of affordable, quick turnaround videos you’re in the right place.

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Don't miss out on the TikTok phenomenon

TikTok has taken the world by storm, but is it the right platform for your business? Our team of TikTok gurus will assess your business goals and target audience to determine if TikTok is a fit for your marketing strategy. We'll provide you with tailored insights and recommendations, so you can make an informed decision.

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Showcase Your Employer Brand with Social Media

Your employer brand is a powerful tool for attracting top talent. Our experts will help you create a compelling employer brand proposition and showcase it using social media and Meta ads. From crafting a winning content strategy to strategic ad placements, we'll help you stand out in the competitive talent market and attract the best candidates. Don't settle for mediocre hiring.

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How well is your website actually performing?

Our free website audit is here to provide you with valuable insights into your site's health. After this, our web development experts will analyse key metrics and uncover optimisation opportunities to boost your website's performance. From technical tweaks to content recommendations, we'll help you enhance your website's performance and drive better results for your business.

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Working Smarter, Not Harder with AI

AI has arrived with a bang and turned everything as we know it in the digital landscape on its head, but it’s not to be feared. Our creative team works with AI to transform the content we produce. By incorporating AI in our design work, we can generate written content with a specific tone of voice that resonates perfectly with the target audience, consequently creating meaningful campaigns and driving great results.

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Sick of scheduling?

Find out more about The Platform.

The Platform

What we do

We provide creative and data-driven marketing solutions across many different industries to help businesses thrive digitally.

Our Services

Don’t just settle for mediocre social media marketing. Contact us today.

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Take your marketing strategy to the next level.