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10 July 2020 reached 1.32 million people with Facebook video ads is a Turkish hotel booking platform allowing travellers to book online without sharing credit card details and cancel for free. They wanted to encourage people to visit their website so created enticing Facebook video ads optimised for mobile customers. 
Promoting the app
The platform’s main aim was to promote its new booking app and encourage people to download it. At the same time, wanted to reach new customers and educate them about its differentiated approach to travel bookings. Working with agency PBL Networks, developed and ran a two-week campaign to educate audiences and promote the app. To reach people who were not yet customers, the team targeted the campaign to people aged 18 and older living in Turkey who were interested in travel or who travelled frequently.
The campaign was also an opportunity to test different ad creative with a broad audience to understand which would receive the most clicks. So, and PBL Networks developed two versions of the ad to compare in a split test. One was a photo ad and the other was a video ad, created with mobile audiences in mind and using best practices for optimum viewings, such as vertical video.
The team ran the ads across all Facebook placements and promoted the app while highlighting’s differentiators. Clicking the ad took people to their respective app stores where they could download the app. The Facebook split test function helped easily identify the ad creative that delivered the lowest cost per click and the highest number of app installs.

Reaching 1.32 million people 

The two-week split test revealed a clear winner in terms of ad creative. Between October 24–November 7, 2019, the campaign delivered the following:

  • 1.32 million people reached

  • 17% more link clicks from mobile-optimised video ads

  • 20% lower cost per click with mobile-optimised video

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