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Optimising Facebook campaign with MTRX

19 May 2020

Optimising Facebook campaign with MTRX measuring 1,769 additional conversions with a conversion lift study. Offering rail passengers a smooth way to travel between Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Running a conversion lift study

 As part of its April–July 2019 advertising activity, the rail company teamed up with data-driven marketing agency Precis Digital. Determined to make even more of Facebook’s algorithm and optimisation tools for driving website conversions. With an overall goal of generating website purchases, MTRX and Precis Digital decided to run two conversion campaigns. 

Optimising Facebook campaign

To find new customers, MTRX and Precis Digital ran a conversion campaign that was optimised for purchases. This meant that Facebook’s ad delivery system would automatically show ads to people most likely to take that specific action. MTRX defined its prospecting audience as:

    • lookalike audiences of existing customers


    • travellers (based on people who were planning a trip)


    • people likely to be planning a trip


    • a broad, country-wide Swedish audience

People-based in or near Stockholm and Gothenburg—and particularly those located close to MTR stations—were prioritised for ad delivery. Audiences saw dynamically created ads that combined the most effective video, images and copy across all ad placements.

Reaching existing customers

MTRX used information from the Facebook pixel to create a Custom Audience of people who had visited the website or made a purchase in the past. Then, using the dynamic creative tool, it showed ads to these people. These ads were optimised for customer value, which meant that the ads were automatically shown to the people most likely to make a high-value purchase on the website.
A Facebook conversion lift study then compared incremental conversions (purchases) from both campaigns with conversions measured by a third-party measurement tool using last-click attribution. This allowed MTRX to quantify the number of conversions (purchases) that would not have happened without the Facebook ad activity.
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